#18 Lewis Hayes

Ive just logged on for the first time and looked at 3 threads today.
Harry Jones
Jayden Davey
Lewis Hayes

Literally all 3 threads have at least a few people talking about them being on shaky ground and potential delisting.
Are we seriously talking about delisting a 2nd year key defender who routinely racks up 20 odd touches in the vfl?

Wtf blitz.


Hayes isn’t going anywhere. He’s developing very well. Only reason he leaves is if a competitor prizes him out with a much bigger contract.


and most importantly isn’t perennially injured like Reid and Baldwin


Yeah but LJ would tackle like a ■■■■. 4 times as often and JD.

Playing a completely different position, you would hope so

It’s not like he’s doing terribly in the defensive aspects either. This just seems crazy talk.


I think he’s developing beautifully behind the scenes. I’ve been impressed with his development and craft. He’s now starting to get some size about him too. I think he’ll be a player no doubt.

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I like Hayes and think he’ll develop into a very capable AFL tall defender but this is still truly mind boggling on every level.


Hes been able to survive our high performance program, which is impressive.

Last year he was very light, and had put on good size this year. I reckon he’s tracking well for a big bloke. Learning his craft.

I can see him on the list next year for sure.


Yep strange comparison, I guess you would hope for a Charlie Comben type, been toiling away at VFL building strength to go with size. I doubt he will debut this year unless we have dire injuries.
That said with another pre season he should be knocking on the door along with Baldwin and Reid. Reid probably good likeness to Comben as well given injuries and frame.
Would be a good time for opposition club to swoop like Hawks with Massimo if they ahve been impressed with his work at VFL level and can see a spot for him in their AFL side.
If he was at North he likely plays ahead of someone like Pink etc.

Rumour mill has Hawks eyeing him off.

As they would.

He’s going to be a jet. We just need to figure out where to put him in the side before he decides to leave.

He’s not going to take McKay or Rids spot.
So probably Lavs spot??? when he’s ready.

Aren’t Hawks eyeing off everyone? Who’s the rumour source?
I’d be extremely surprised if he wasn’t at Essendon next year. There’s no available evidence there’s angst between each party.


The idea of looking at other clubs’ one and two yr players coming out of contract is a good way to go actually. You get to have a look at how they are developing for a couple of years after their draft age, and in a club where they are back in the queue and maybe just being offered a minimum contract, they can be quite gettable. Massimo is a good example.

straight swap for Watson

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Was in reasonable form when all of Reid, Ridley & Baldwin were out injured and still couldn’t get a run.
Hard to see him staying.

This is his second year. He wasn’t ready.


Reid was drafted one year later than Comben as well.

my memory as that it was the same year. We traded pass North to get Harry and they took Comben. I may be wrong though

Comben was taken pick 31 in 2019 right after we took Jones.
Reid was taken 2020 pick 10 right after Cox and Perkins.