#18 Michael Hurley - All Schaphoid, All The Time


And it will change again when Gleeson comes back.



Conor , pfft !

Over-rated kick , and may be very lucky to get back into the team.




Wha? Hurley is a beautiful user of the ball who clearly has license to take risks kicking out of defense

With the way that modern teams setup (forward press in the main) kicking in the back half is one of the most difficult skills in the game. There is a reason that we are always trying to get the ball into Hurley, Goddard or McKenna’s hands.

The guy has about 20 kicks a game and probably fluffs 3-4 of them. He is a star


Hurls marking was a lot better on the weekend IMO.

And what I dont get about hurls is that I reckon the majority of his poor kicks come when there is little pressure. Has too much time to think, tries to be too creative/ precise and ■■■■■ it up. Hes at his best when he plays on instinct, under pressure


He seemed free to roam knowing Hooker was back there setting up and he didn’t have to cover him as much.


Hurley’s ball drop looks off to me. Havent noticed it in the past (doesnt mean it wasn’t there), but it just looks kinda awkward at the moment.


I noticed that last year. I think it’s just his style…with dodgy wrists.


But but , he was running at 75% disposal eff.

I did it for hepps first qtr , a critique of his disposals , and hurley wasnt any better.
Kicks to peoples feet, misses targets by alot, but bombs it to contested marking situations so it doesnt count as an ineffective kick.

Between him, hepp and zaka , you coule account for 60% of our stuff up turnovers. (Rough guess obv)

The rest of his game was good, or at least better , but still at present he can be a momentum killer, and be costing us 2-5 goals a game, just by his poor decision making or skill.


It’s pleasing to see none of our boys appearing in the top ten.

Players with the most goals kicked on them in 2018

21 – Liam Jones (Carlton)
13 – David Astbury (Richmond)
12 – Steven May (Gold Coast)
12 – Tom Barrass (West Coast)
11 – Jacob Weitering (Carlton)
11 – Connor Blakely (Fremantle)
9 – Tom Clurey (Port Adelaide)
7 -Nathan Brown (St Kilda)
7 -Lynden Dunn (Collingwood)
7 – Jeremy Howe (Collingwood)


Let’s hope we help those Collingwood lads climb that ladder.


was rance like, without being a massive cheat


Hurley is one of my favourite players. He started at Essendon when I started becoming an essendon member. Love watching him play


So this efficiency, is it really that efficient?
In the 2nd quarter (?) he was in the middle and kicked in 20m sideways to Myers. However the ball didnt get there on the full, Myers was forced to run back 5m to retrieve it, then had to have a quick kick around to the corner to heppel where it was spoiled and went out of bounds.

It all started from a poor kick by Hurley but it still gets counted as an effective kick. Why?


So much this. If it goes to a contest it’s also still an effective kick. Hurls should be launching our attacks and that ain’t happening, so many times he takes the defensive rather than the attacking option.

Hurry back Marty.


Will go the early crow. Top 3 BnF this year. Hopefully


Ok I’m just going to say it. I don’t love the new Michael Hurley. The pre Worsfold Hurley was my favourite player, a defensive beast with a good counter attack game, the guy would literally rip off his own finger before he was beaten in a one in one. I can only really remember him ever being beaten a few times in his career pre 2017 one notably by Riewoldt in 2014. In the last year and a half he has been beaten by plenty of average footballers and is often hidden away from a forward when looking shaky.
How more effective would our defence be with a pre 2017 Hurley and Hooker back there? Goddard could go back to playing the quarter back role, let’s face it he is a much better kick. The added advantage would also be we would rarely need to worry about playing Brown or Hartley.
I think this new version of Hurley puts the back 6 out of whack, as we are forced to try and play him on the weakest slowest forward and then need to play another tall. I know he was AA last year and he is obviously still a very good player but from a team dynamics perspective I don’t believe we are getting best value with this new model.