#18 Michael Hurley - Hamstring Some of The Time?


Riewoldt just took 12 marks and kicked 3.2 on rance…you don’t see once in a generation player get towled up like that and I’m only casting my mind back 4 days.
Hurley totally different player who guards space more than anything. He is absolutely smashing this offensive kpd role. I don’t think we have seeb a kpd so effective offensively, almost ever


A generation is usually considered to be 25 years.


I think in sports its far more expedited. in that 25 years in footy you’ll see about 4-5 incarnations of the game.


Was a pleaasure seeing him throw around Greenwood and Pendles on the weekend. Would say he’d be in front in the B&F at the moment. Absolutely deserves it.


All the greats have had their moments


Fair enough. I’ve always thought of it as literally, ‘generational’. So, for example, the finest blah blah of my generation, and the finest blah blah of my father’s generation. Which would be about 25 years anyway.
Maybe to you it means a ‘game generation’?


I reckon the commentators use generations to be about 3-4 years. E.G. Ablett and Dangerfield are the best midfielders of their respective generations even though they played about 10 years together.


Really? None of the great full backs had 3 goals kicked on them? Struggling with that.


A generation or a footy generation? 25 years is two pretty long footy careers- footywise we haven’t even got to Hird or Fletcher.


It depends whether one is seeing it from the playing perspective, or the living perspective. I think that ‘best player of my generation’ means - the best player of my generation. I don’t see how a ‘player’s career span’ is a ‘generation’.
Anyway, it’s not important.


In career best form atm


I only think of the term when comparing players, and I don’t think it really makes much sense to compare guys who played in 1992 to 2017.
Makes more sense to compare guys against their peers. I think.

Before you even run into whose 25 years we’re looking at, there’d be 15 year old kids on here who probably haven’t seen any better than Rance, whereas AN10 and Thurgood saw all the greats way back to the roaring 40s.


The best #18 in defence since Barry Grinter.


…but they also have about 6 generations of offspring following them…


Greg Brown had better credentials than Barry Grinter, so I’d push back another 10 years.

And had alternate initials.

I’d run with about 8 years as a football generation.


Did we mention you’re old yet?


If Hurley had have played saga free 2013-17 he would be talked about in the same terms.

That is the cost of Dank and those who enabled him.


There was that Dustin Fletcher bloke, went ok at setting up the play from defence.


So Rance huh…


Seriously though, do threads even need titles an more?


Lets just marvel at his form this season. It is phenomenal, no need to compare him with anyone. And this is after a year out of the game.