#18 Michael Hurley - Hamstring Some of The Time?


Being great is overrated.


saga? just try being played as a defender for his whole career as opposed to having 4 wasted years as a forward…


Thread shoul be renamed “#18 MichAAel Hurley”.


Rance is sh#t


Unfortunately he’s angry every week.


I reckon he is close to one of the top 10 players in the AFL. Absolute beast and getting better as his strength has returned.


He makes Rance look really bad.


An absolute must for AA


When was the last time a HB won a Brownlow? Surely he is in with a chance? As a midfielder I reckon you only get votes for 40+ touches. 30-40 touches a game is common these days.


Merrett might be a bit of competition… Last year, when we won 1 of our first 19 games:

32 disposals–>3 votes

His average is up 5% on last year.


He is the most AA, AA, that ever AA’d.


AA hey


A mutherfarken A


Just when I think he can’t amaze me anymore…he amazes me again!


Christ forbid. What a farking player.


Destroyed Rewoldt last night. He is so ■■■■■■ dominant.

Just incredible footy brain, judgement is impeccable, skills are top rate. And hard at it.


No, he had a shocker.


100% disposal efficiency…delist.


If he pulls 100% efficiency next week make him the kicking coach.


It’s just so exciting to watch an old style, strong brute of a kp defender attack and create scoring opportunities from the last line of defence, and all the while rendering his direct opponent ineffective.

Hurls is just an incredible footballer.