#18 Michael Hurley - Hamstring Some of The Time?


In frankston it’s more like 15 years




Just gonna call out the stat people on this.

about 12 minutes 30 seconds to go he misses green with a kick and the saints come straight back.

Clearly I have nfi what an efficient disposal is tho.


See what happens when you ditch the trendy hairdos and face fluff??


What was the record that Michael Hurley broke according to Sam Lane? Haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

Mick Molloy got really peeved because people were insinuating he was better than Rance.


A Key Defender having 30+ touches 3 weeks in a row.


At a guess… meters gained?

EDIT - just read above.




He’s also a fair footballer who plays with the right spirit.

Not many may have noticed as it was down the St Kilda end goal square (I was up top in lvl 3 so had a great view), Joe shepherded Riewoldt and got him pretty good. Immediately, Hurley went to check on Riewoldt and as the play continued on , gave him a tap on the back as if to say, you’ll be right mate.

Little things mean a lot sometimes


The best defender in the game right now


I agree. This is pretty much agreed even by rusted on Rance advocates in the media.

However, Champion Data don agree. ( sure its a 2 year average, but he didnt play last year)

Now that Lethlean has resigned as a director of the AFL part owned Campion Data, maybe they will fix up the discrepancy whereby Hurls is rated 36th best key defender in the AFL right now.



I’m pretty sure that Hurls was a Saints fan growing up and Roo was his idol, hence the gesture.


Champion Data has been one of the biggest blights on the game ever since it came into existence.

An organisation that dishes out 100 SC points to a player that has had 5 touches all game but kicks one through from the goal square, to “win” the game, spare me.

Their job is literally them making ■■■■ up and then saying: “But numbers say so!”


Yeah I’ve been watching those key defender rankings closely all year and he has barely moved up at all.


I would choose Hurley over rance 100/100 times

Alex rance is the most overrated player I’ve ever witnessed. I think he’s a good player, but not a superstar. The calls of he’s the best defender ever, are legit ridiculous.

Rance has huge brain fades, regularly. His biggest weapon is he’s good 1 on 1, that aside he’s a ■■■■ kick and not a great decision maker.

Like I said, he’s a good player but Jesus the wankfest over him is sickening. He’s nothing more than a good solid defender imo


Hurls’ game is even better than it appears at an individual level (which is outstanding). He has seamlessly taken over from Fletch in regards to marshalling the back line.

Something that is very apparent when watching live is how much he puts into setting up the defence.

Probably the most important player to our current structure. Shows how important his signing on was last year.


I would love to have rance and every other afl club would too. He is so much more than a good solid defender. True he is not the GOAT but he is an elite defender.


I’d still prefer Fletch kicking out after a point.


Yeah you have to wonder about the stats. At half time of the Bris. game the big screen stats said we had no hitouts to advantage yet TBC had tapped an absolute beauty down Hepps throat for him to clear.


Hopefully Goddard has now been ordered to defer to Hurls at ALL TIMES!