#18 Michael Hurley - Hamstring Some of The Time?


He is in a class of his own.

Takes the 2nd best forward, wins one on ones zone off and rebounds better than any key defender .

I think the reason Champion Data are not responding to the way he plays is because they mainly rate key defenders by the number of spoils. After all key defenders are not meant to intercept, or even intercept mark, they are not supposed to win against key forwards, they are meant to spoil them.

That is partly why Hartley currently ranks 70 points higher than Hurls and has risen teadily through the season, while Hurls is just hovering at the same level.


surely more to do with not playing any footy last year? No ranking points to contribute?


And another reason it (his ranking) is going sideways is that his 2015 games are being progressively taken off. So to move forward, he basically has to play better games than 2015.

For all of our players that were suspended last year, the player ranking system is only going to produce realistic numbers once we are late in next season, or said players have played 35-40 games in the last 24 months.


I know many people hate stats.

I like stats. But the AFL ranking / rating system they have is legit the most unreliable, non-sensical data collation ever.

It’s genuinely fkd and is completely irrelevant. I mean the commentators love stats and they don’t use it. That’s how ■■■■■ it is.

It’s got Joe Daniher just in the top 100 or something. If JoeDan is not top 10 players in the comp then fark me.

Irrelevant and out of touch. Just like Gill and his other 2nd hand car dealer cronies at AFL house.


He’ll be AA, but I doubt there are too many AA defenders who have ever lost more marking contests in a season.

We need Ambrose back so that Hurls doesn’t get stuck on a actual key forwards.


North structured up really well and Ben Brown worked his crack off to get his one on one with Hurls.

Not all Hurls fault. Not many beat BBB one on one like that.


First time he’s got pantsed in ages…and he was pantsed.


Easily the worst game he has played in my memory


First time since he played on Tex.

Which was also the last time he played on a legit key forward.


I was out that night, and had no occasion to watch the replay.


It’s interesting, if Ambrose gets back up and firing, Hurley’s actual spot is probably where Gleeson is at the moment.


Had a down day. It happens

Il forgive him, as he’s been the best defender in the game over the last couple of moths


He and Hartley both struggled.


Brown is good. Big, strong and clean hands.

To be equal leading in the coleman in a bottom 4 side is a fair effort.


Hurley’s game style this year allows him to be exposed at times, he plays off his man a little and reads the play rather then staying tight. If our structure holds up it works and we get a huge amount of drive from him, if not it fails. He admitted this in an article I read about a week ago, but said woosha has instructed him to play this way. North got plenty of repeat entry’s and Hurley was left one out on Brown to often, Brown is much taller then Hurley and a very good player.

Hurls had an off day as did the whole team, which contributed to our loss of structure leaving Hurls exposed. Not all his fault.


It was a Steinberg kind of day today


Our turnovers left our defenders no chance


Ambrose kept Brown to one mark, and one goal last year when North were on top of the ladder.


Ambrose is a ■■■■■■■ machine and we are a better team with him in it. Hurley didn’t have his best game but he’s still the AA CHB


Hurls stunk up the joint like a wheelie bin three days after Xmas seafood lunch. He was awful.

Better than Hartley tho.