#18 Michael Hurley - Hamstring Some of The Time?


Reckon the bigger picture is we need help, Ambrose comes in but Hartley also stays. Gleeson’s a pinch hitter on a tall, nice to have as an option but probably not a week to week thing.


Longer term it will be Ambrose, Hurley and Gleeson.


He is fantastic as a floating backman who can outrun and outperform most forwards. His biggest issue has always been, and continues to be, one on one.


He barely lost a one in one in 2015. For most of his career it’s been his strength. Even as a forward, he was rarely out marked.


when leading, yes, when wrestling, no


Wouldn’t want to be hurls opponent next week.


He was actually getting smashed early this year and got pantsed by tex something shocking. After that they changed it up started playing him on smaller guys and he began to dominate. I think today though was one of the first times he had to play lock down on a dangerous tall again and got found out. I see him as all Australian for rebound ability but i don’t think you can select someone as a key back AA if they can’t contain a good opponent one on one.


Absolute stinkathon today!


A few weeks ago he played on Cameron against the GWS and played well as Cameron was a decoy.

I love Hurls as much as anyone on here but his one on one work this year has been poor hence why we need Paddy and the change in girls role. All this debate about Rance etc is pointless they are very different players. Girls has the skills and ability to set up play like a midfielder, but Rance one on one is very strong. Paddy is a owner on one gun. Hartley is hit and miss against mobile forwards. It comes back in we need to define Hurls’ role because it is the came as Glesson’s. And Marty is doing it very well at the moment.


Admittedly I didn’t watch the first half but Hurley didn’t play on Brown until the final term. Hartley was on Brown for the entirety of the third quarter.

Hurley was well below his best but wasn’t diabolical.


Your wrong. He was horrible


Waite gave him a paddling aswell.
He wasn’t good today but it’s rare for him


Who is likely?


Probably lost too much body strength in the year off

Hopefully gets himself back on track strength wise over the off season


Hurley has been playing on 2nd rate forwards the last few weeks and has been pantsing opposition teams because Harts is our container man on their number 1 and Hurley has free reign to run an intercept and rebound.

North had 2 A-grade forwards, which forced Hurley and Harts to both play incredibly different game styles and we were obliterated for it. Should have brought in one more defender or changed our game plan up, because having one A-grade forward covered, but the other only sorta half covered, then you’re in trouble.

Hurley isn’t in form as a shut down backman, right now he’s better when he’s free to just read the play and own the space around him and that’s what form he’s in.

He’d need a few games to get his form back as a shutdown backman, as we saw tonight, he’s completely forgotten how to man up rather than make everything around his zone his ■■■■■.


Out: Hurley
In: Ambrose

I wonder whether Richmond fans are calling Hurley ■■■■ and saying Rance is 100 times better than Hurley because he had a bad game?


It’s interesting the changes to his game. He was our number 1 defensive key back who would very, very rarely get outmarked when Hooker was next to him doing the intercept work. Now with his new offensive role he is being caught out occasionally. Probably a pretty hard balance to strike and shows he still has some development.


I reckon he enjoys his current role far more. He’s more suited to creating than negating.


I’m backing him in for 30+ disp and about 20 marks this week, will be breathing fire after getting touched up against norf


He struggled in the one on ones because he doesn’t have his strength back as he has lost some weight and muscle since being out. That will return next year. The game was just more physical for him close in which meant that he couldn’t just rely on timing and body work.