#18 Michael Hurley - Hamstring Some of The Time?


His positioning has changed a lot. He used to be a real body player who played from the front. He’d engage early to deny leading space and take his opponents run at the ball. He was very very good at it and Rambo plays similarly these days.

Whether hurls has gone away from this style because his strength has dropped away a bit or because his playing a different role which requires him to zone off more I’m not sure.

Regardless, it reinforced my view that there is room for 3 key defenders with hurls playing 3rd tall/medium.


Was never a “high flyer” but he seems to be unable to jump.and it was always going to be a difficult job for hm to take the no 1 forward. But as I recall Hartley also was taken off Brown. Hartley has improved his attacking game, seemingly at the expense of his defensive ability. Enter Ambrose.


I don’t get all the people calling for ambrose because he can apparently defend AND attack?
Ambrose has almost no offensive side, don’t get me wrong did very well as a defender for the shortish period of time he played there but he certainly is no rebounding machine


The problem is Hartley was supposed to be the matchup for Brown. Hurls should never have been moved onto Brown. It prevented Hurls from playing to his strengths, fortunately Hartley was able to capitalise on taking a much weaker, shorter player and he actually played well in that role, but at the expense of Hurls.

As for Ambrose, he goes 100% defensive when on his man inside the defensive 50, but does play a more attacking role when we press up. Last year we very very rarely got to press up. This year its happening a lot more often.


Ive seen enough 20 meter spoils after crashing packs this year to suggest that he can indeed jump.

But like any defender, if he’s out of position and playing on a taller opponent then he’s hoping that the midfield arent allowing easy passage and deliberate delivery.


I think that 7 cm height difference coupled with a 7kg weight difference was too much. I also think there is a fair arm length differential.

It was pretty obvious that he was just too short.

Luckily he doesn’t have to play on Daniher.


Hurley has the biggest case of T-Rex arms that it isn’t even funny.

He either marks it or concedes a rubbish one on one, no inbetween unfortunately. The rest of his overall game is so damn good that it counteracts it to a degree.


Austin Lucy MK2?


Yes, well Brown has arms like an orang utan. Not a good match up


No. You’re wrong.


Hurls didn’t have the best of days either. I reckon he will have a cracking game this week however.


Think Brown’s reach is underrated. He’s not just taller than Hurls but he doubles his advantage with those big arms.


Longest arms in the competition.


Hurley is actually quite small for a Key Back he has said this himself.

I honestly don’t expect him to beat the likes of Hawkins, Brown, Dixon etc one on one, I don’t think this is his role, and definitely won’t be moving forward.

He provides so much more to our side than beating these boys 1on1.


Nailed it with your assessment.


My observations is both Hurley and Hartley conceded five goals each - Thought Hartley was worse because he couldn’t stop Brown marking, while Waite got some of his goals on the ground.


Any inside word on Hurley’s reported back soreness?
Was on light duties at training yesterday.
Crucial for us tomorrow, but at least we have Ambrose fit(ish) if we get desperate.


Ambrose isn’t an emergency so on that basis they must be confident that Hurley is right to go


afl.com.au says there’s no suggestion he’s in any doubt, just on lighter training loads this week as part of a cautious approach.


Not really, Dea -who is an emergency - is probably a better match-up for Dogs’ smallish forward line.


Hurley had the thumbles on the weekend and lost a few contests against far bigger opponents, it was far from his best game, but to me the blame lies further up the field.

Hurleys role this year has been as an interceptor, he reads the play intercepts, then attacks. He is under instruction by the coach to play this way and has admitted himself that it does sometimes leave him out of position, and vulnerable. But thats the trade off for not playing tight on a man, and most games this year it has worked brilliantly.

Hurleys role also rely’s on team structure. If the team structure is in place and setup correctly it works. His game relys on the likes of Hartly and Gleeson to cut across and help out. If the opposition keep getting clean unpressured ball, and repeat entry’s our structure (and pretty much any teams for that matter) falls apart, any decent fwd worth his salt will kick a bag.

This is exactly what happened on the weekend. In the first half our kicking efficiency was 50%. We simply could not get the ball out of there fwd line. The few times we did we turned it over with kicks into our 50 because our fwds had worked to far up the ground and couldn’t get back. The roos had structured well with a loose in defense. We where out numbered, due to our poor positioning and work rate. At the same time the Roos at a good game plan in place.

Our fwds and mids did not work hard enough, and we didn’t kick efficiently as we usually do. Our backline was pretty reasonable given the amout of clean entry’s the kangas had.