#18 Michael Hurley


Good insight. With just a little defensive support from our middle,Hurley dominates. Just one of the best readers of the play and the ball in the air. Elite.

Fantastic combination with Hartley.

As far as backmen go he’s in the same company as Rance, Grundy. I think he’s stronger on the rebound than those two. But all three elite.

Hurls will be AA of course. Has already done enough.

We all knew this though… How much of a relief is it that after a year off he still has it(as does Hooker). Hepp hopefully still has improvement in him and I am stoked about TBC and Myers.


I sat above the goals on the second level and a number of times Gleeson trailed Waite into the forward line without picking him up. It’s not to criticise Gleeson because he is really improving, but as a team we need to improve those minor things.

After the game they would have reviewed it and I have no doubt that Marty won’t let it happen again.


On replay it just shows how under-hated Jarred Waite is. His entire career is built on two things, pushing guys in the back, and putting his knee into other guys’ kidneys in pack marking situations. For a very large man, he does a lot to stay away from body contact.
No wonder Hurls has some back soreness.


I don’t think he’s under-hated on here. Pretty much all Carlton players are hated to the full degree


Strange season. Looked awful in the first month, has been really poor the last 3 weeks and in between that he was absolutely elite, All Australian level.


Looked better movement wise today and was one of our better players even though that doesn’t say much today


Continues to shine and will be all australian, hes been a beast all season and hasnt missed beat,


Bloke would have over taken Rance as the best defender in the game if he wasn’t suspended for a year.



I’m just hoping next year he gets back his ability to win 1on1s like 2015


Hurley was fine today - Nothing wrong with his game - In saying that don’t believe he should be AA because he’s one-on-one defending has been below par - He’s one of the few older players who needs to put on weight.


Is there photos / footage of Mick running down to fans on the fence as the siren blew?

Happened 5m from where I was sitting, well not sitting, jumping out of my seat & hugging people at that point.

It was a beautiful moment of relief & emotion that Fox Footy missed as they went to a shot of Tippa.

AA? Yep, lock him in.


Feeling a blinder coming on for Hurl’s this week. It’s in my waters.


Calf injury has him out this week and potentially next.

Is and never will be the type of player that plays every game in a season.

I said at the start of the season more often than not you have maybe 4 or 5 guys playing every game in a season. The last few weeks has shown this to be the case.

Right now the only players to play every game are.
Heppell, Goddard, Tippa, Colyer, Zaka, Daniher.

The last few weeks we have seen, Merrett, Fanta, Hurls drop off that list.


well that worked out well huh… )-:


Still think he’s mainly being rested. Hasn’t been 100% for a few weeks.


Hope it’s just for this week. Will agree that he hasn’t been quite as good the past couple of games.


He looked pretty sore and sorry leaving the track on the vision they just showed on the news.


No injuries to key players all year and then this…

Man the loss is going to be great this week.

Matt Rosa to kick 8 or some other such spud.


At least we know who to blame.

Worse, you just cost us the direct swap for Josh Kelly.