#18 Michael Hurley


**oh no a knock to the calf

let’s not forget when essendon reported david myers suffered a “knock to the calf” in 2012? in round 5 and he was out for the entire season**


We don’t have anyone else to play the Hurley role except Hooker do we? What are we going to do back there?


Looking at the Gold Coast line-up they only have 1 genuine key forward in Peter Wright who Hartley will most likely take.

Jack Martin, who seems to be a decent aerial threat for someone of his height will probably be taken by Gleeson or Ambrose. The other one can be the interceptor.

We should be fine back there this week.


Right on Houli_Dooley but who will play Hurley’s accumulator role?


I just think guys like Gleeson, Goddard and Kelly will distribute the ball out of the back half a bit more than they usually would to share the load.

Hurley takes a fair amount of kickouts so it will be interesting to see who takes this responsibility.

Hartley, McKenna and Goddard?


Knock to the calf you say?



plays really tall.


Gleeson. He plays like a mini-Hurls.


Is he back this week or out for another?


Think they said it’d be touch and go.

I wouldn’t be suprised to see us not risk him next week even at the cost of finals because he is just so important.


Cotton wool please


Yep, no need to risk him


My DT draft league grand final says please please pleeeeeease play him.


I think it’s safe to say he wont be risked. If he’s fit to play we can be confident he’s 100% fit. I think it’s close to no chance he’ll play personally. Missing one week for anything other than a corked calf is unheard of.


Trade bait.


I don’t think any other forum will take you :stuck_out_tongue:


Reading between the lines from the injury update, won’t play this week.


First week finals

IN: Hurley, Fantasia

Ken Hinkley has a heart attack.


Pretty rough hoping they lose their coach.


If we can’t beat Freo without him, it doesn’t matter either way.