#18 Michael Hurley


AA here we come! In the squad.


Progressing well. Fitness test. Reckon he’s the most likely of the three to play.


Hurley will play for sure.

Raz and Hooker are 50/50.


Title change? All Australian 2017 :+1:t2:


congrats Hurls -fought ■■■■■■ hard to be where is is, gives his all every time dons the sash, so deserving!!
Hope this helps further distance the pain and loss of the year out. Out and out champion


He literally said “il 100% be playing”


Well done Hurls on making AA CHB!


Huge congrats! Just love him.



I loved the suggestion by Rob Shaw in his EFC.com preview about throwing Hurley forward against the Swans. I think we are up against it against it to knock over Sydney, and maybe some dice-rolling is needed. I’m by no means advocating Hurley forward as a general rule, but maybe a move to full forward would be justified to a) Release Daniher and b) just to wrong-foot the Swans planning - Hurley forward is a player that needs serious defending IMO.

Having said all that, it’s not really Woosha’s style to execute this sort of unorthodox tactic - but I’d love to see it tried - I don’t think we have a lot to lose.


100% NO.


No ■■■■■■■ way


This is just the time for Woosha’s rigid style, to become more flexible and creative. Now’s the time.


■■■■ no


Will he play? I dunno.


Adam Hunter styles


Rob Shaw is an absolute mad man.


Adam Hunter = Michael Hurley
David Wirrpanda = Walla

Just like at West Coast haha.


Hurley fwd. Gleeson to Reid.


Shawry you trippin’

Out of desperation perhaps


To start the game hell no. If we are behind going into the last qtr and need a spark i have no problem with him going up forward