#18 Michael Hurley



This has been one of the worst individual efforts I’ve ever seen. Totally humped by everyone who’s been on him. Utterly deplorable…


If it isn’t a cheapie, he ain’t interested.

Plain and simple.


His game was a great example of the irrelevance of stats. 30 possessions but one of the worst of ground. Smashed by one of the biggest spuds in the game- Sinclair

He’s a product of the exaggerated Worsefold game - uncontested and forgetting about his primary role as a defender


Yeh but the commentators love it when they see 30 possessions from a tall defender. It’s been most of his season, absolutely torched one on one but high possessions. Two possessions for every kick in he takes helps plump the stats.


Missing Hooker by his side.

Hooker and Hurley were the best 2 defensive combo in the league.


We once had a kp who dedicated himself to owning front position and getting under the shoulder of his opponent. What happened to that guy, I want him back. We need him back. The zoning, intercepting and possessions must come second to beating his man. It almost felt like Sydney tried to play through him today and his starting positions were so wrong because he has been instructed to drop off.

Improved immediately when made accountable for buddy and started playing in front


Let’s see, Hooker wasn’t playing and Hurley had missed a number of weeks. Not sure that makes them the two best KPDs. Besides, Hooker kicked over 40 goals this season. Still Blitzers demand that Hooker play back. Go figure. Yes, we do need another key defender but it should not be Hooker.


We get Tom Lynch (FA next season) then we can move Hooker back.


I have been in the hooker fwd camp all year. But fark me all 3 of our tall defenders were horrible me today.

All of them.


Hurley has definitely been essington’d.

For someone who got all australian, ■■■■ he is putrid when in big games. panics and his disposal turns to ■■■■.
not just a reaction to today. His richmond and gws games come to mind.


Very poor game today. Very. He has a lot of talent but mentally???


Looked like he did his shoulder with about 2 min to go


Nah, it was his wrist that got re-aggravated


He’s always had more than the average amount of rust returning from injuries.

Think the criticism of his year as a whole is just a tad over the top. But I’ll put it down to the pathetic end to the season we witnessed last night


AA doesn’t count I assume?

Playing injured towards the end of his first season back after a year off.

I think he’s travelling okay and the break will do him wonders and allow some healing to take place. Another solid pre-season will kick in and he will be right again for next years AA.


From your postings, you are increasingly one to know about ‘cheapies’.

Keep potting players.


I doubt it, the AFL are going to throw buckets of money at him to become an Ambassador for the Gold Coast Suns. And of course maybe Luke Hodge too. He is off the list.


Had a goodnight year and without being as physically strong as he used to be he still made AA.

Sinclair beat him well yesterday but you could argue that the delivery to Sinclair was so good it was hard to win the contest.

I think with another preseason under his belt he can regain some of that strength and use the pain from this to push the team next year.

He is too competitive to like what happened yesterday.

At least him like many other learn what the bar is during finals. Which we are nowhere near.


Hurley needs to put on 3 or 4 kgs in the off-season - He’s playing too light which means he tries to play off his opponent, instead of shoulder to shoulder.