#18 Michael Hurley


Agree. He came back too light and looked like he had lost quite a bit of muscle


OK, Hurls does not play in the midfield, he does not play as a forward, so he must be a defender ?

Wrong, Hurls sits in a special category, along with ( at various times) BJ. Call them the general, call them the quarterback, call, them the playmaker

For them, defence is a part time occupation. These guys are like the nerve centre, because when they get it right, they orchestrate the game. The game flows though them and from them in transition.

Hurls had an outstanding year that earned him AA selection and yet, inability to beat tall forwards at times might suggest he is slightly more suited to attack than defence.

Do I want him to tighten up next year ?
Maybe , but mainly , I want the defenders to support him, channel the ball through him and trust him to command his position on the field.

However, from now, lets get Conor to take the majority of kickins !


Needs a big preseason, so he can get a bit stronger and win some more 1 on 1’s. Had an outstanding year apart from some of his defensive work.


He’s having two off season operations and will return to preseason late.


After another nice trip ?





Hurls get’s the highlights package from youtuber Essendonfc.

Beast mode activated.


Fark I love 'im.


love him and the clip! thx!
standing up for Andy, fearless in packs, poise before disposal, reliable kick, deceivingly quick and great closing pace… oh - and THAT tackle on Danger. could watch it 100 times in a loop!


We are so lucky to have 3 unbelievable key position players.


Thanks WP. Love him! So glad he’s ours!!


Oh god, irrectisnippilosism.


I have noticed in a few of his off season photos that he got the beard started up again.

I would like to see a fully bearded Bear for the Home and Away season.


Don’t know if I want to hear that from someone calling himself Manboobs. Get your bro on, mate.


Hurley’s wrist is just able to hold a lid on.







see you in 2019.