#18 Michael Hurley





Not nearly enough man love today for this legend. To get 30 touches off the backline is immense. Just a general down there. Great start to 18


You can’t be serious


I’m not in the business of taking the p*#s. Had a great game last night. End of conversation


End of discussion? Good to see you’re open to debate :ok_hand:


Well you had such strong initial argument … I had to shut it down


He struggled at stages with clean hands and pressure. He sure wasn’t alone. But destroyed Adelaide in the last.

I reckon the surgery to his wrists in the off season effected his clean hands. But he did finally start collecting it cleanly by the end.


I thought he was good but have seen a few people say he was crap up until 3/4 time.

I thought he spoiled well and controlled the defence, was a cooling figure down back.

To the people who thought he was crap, what did he do poorly?


I can’t have that. He was genuinely ordinary for much of the match. Lacked physical presence, as the plus 1 in the backline he wasn’t influencing enough in the aerial battles and his disposal was shaky.
He worked into it late though which is encouraging. Last season it took him a few games as well. He’s a gun so he’ll be right!!


He was clutching at the ball like it was 2013.


Looked to be running in concrete at times and gave up on his opponent several times. Seemed to get lost a few times in no mans land aswell. Was far from his best last night but suspect he still doesn’t have confidence back in his wrists as seemed to “flat hand” several marking attempts


Then let me re-open it for you. He had a 'mare. An excellent pass to AMT in the third aaaaaand that’s about it. Was a liabilty for the rest of the game. 30 touches means next to nothing. He’s a champ and he’ll be much better next week.

We may just have to agree to disagree and focus more on the fact that it’s awesome to pinch a win :slight_smile:


Was/is clearly carrying.


If that’s a poor game then wait to he puts in a ripper :slight_smile:


he was 3/4s ■■■■ 1/4 great. and in the 3rd mcgovern towelled up him. the most stark sign that he’d switched off was when it was 2v2 him and brown vs mcgovern and the first year and hurley is trailing gov by 5 metres with no intensity…

i love hurls but you can’t call that a good game, he was good when we needed it but you can’t just switch on and off like that when you’re a pillar of our team.


It’s an interesting situation that the club have clearly shifted him away from being that combative 1v1 defender as they look to to free him up as the spare at every opportunity, yet his hands/wrist don’t seem to allow him to be a stellar intercept mark, a quality you really want in that role.

Either way he is a star and will positively influence games for us but it must be frustrating for him at times.


Did McGovern actually do anything? It’s hard watching from Canada at 6am in the morning trying to occupy a puppy at the same time. Only knock I had on Hurls from what I saw was he was pretty sloppy with collecting the footy.


Had a really poor first three quarters and a great last. He always takes a few games to work into it, will be better for the run.

True champion who stood up when it mattered.


Thought he looked strangely too slow in the first 3 quarters. Seemed to be lagging. Played well in the last though. I hope age isn’t catching up to him.