#18 Michael Hurley


Need to look no further than the EF against the Swans LY, his first game in 3 weeks.

Made that Sinclair spud look like Wayne Carey, he was trailing him 5 metres every time.

Needs a game or 2 to get back into the pace


Hurley named in someones Team of the Week on the AFL Website.
Well done, but surely there would be some better players this week.


The camera panned to Hurls after one of our goals & he was holding his chest gesturing at the trainer
Thought the worst at the time but seemed to play out the game OK
Maybe he was saying “I couldn’t hold a mark in the first 3 quarters”


Coaches’ awards.



Rough on Hooker! Didn’t even jag a vote.


Huge second half.


Watched the replay again, you guys are way too harsh on Hurls. Bad turnover in first half, poor kick in 3rd, reckon that was it. Couple of times McGovern got the better of him but you need yo give McGovern credit as well.


There were a number of fumbles which were highly irritating, especially in the third. But his last quarter was very solid


He did run over the ball in the 3rd along the boundary line that was poor. Maybe I’ve got rose coloured glasses on


He fumbled a handball from Langford as well. But he was very important overall so let’s not get too precious


What people see as a fumble by Hurley I saw as a tap on. He seemed like he was unsure whether he was about to get tackled or playing for a holding free. That wasn’t always the case but there were a few that looked like he didn’t take clean possession on purpose.


Was that the bounce pass knee high?


No, at our half forward, it was a little ahead of hurls but I’d usually expect him to glove that.


I must be thinking of another one.


Controlled the defence - The most important thing was his one-on-one defending as he can always rack up possessions.


My eleven year old, uncoordinated, iPad loving, son who has zero interest in football just broke his scaphoid bone. Is he the next Michael Hurley?

Time will tell.


Was he playing in the front yard or the back yard?


He left the house with shoelaces untied, my Mrs said “Tie up your shoe laces Rocky” and he says "Ill tie them in the car!!’

on the way to the car, trips on his laces.


Did he tie them in the car or?


Maybe on the way to the hospital he did.