#18 Michael Hurley


How was the review?


Have you read the Shaun McKernan thread, I mentioned you


I hate to say it but hurley makes me nervous these days. I want the 2015 version back. Quality last quartet but before that i thought he continued on from the EF in 2017.


I am convinced that Hurley was playing injured against Adelaide. Did not look right at all, and could hardly turn. Something NQR with him


Comp better watch out when he’s fully fit then.

Was outstanding last week.


Agree, he was exceptional as usual.


hope he gets better soon. Poor kid


I love him!

He’s a champ!


Ifs he’s not injured/underdone he needs to lift

Two poor games in a row now - shocked with some of the media kudos he got over the week, proof that they just look at stats


The media love hurley and his stats look great but last year i thought he was poor and this year nothing has changed yet. If you watch him closely he is very shaky under pressure these days and defensively poor one on one.


Looks like his hands are farked


Always slow out of the blocks. Countless the amount of times he’s dropped marks just like a few of the ones tonight in his first game or two of the year or post-injury.


He is pretty useless one on one against the stronger forwards.

He creates play and gets his hands on the ball, but we’re reliant on him making a defensive contest and more often than not he struggles.

In saying that he’s by far the best option we have and is seriously lacking support. He isn’t tall, nor big enough to handle the bull forwards. Hartley and Brown should be doing that for him yet they are C grade AFL players at best


I wish he wouldn’t call for the ball from a player having a set shot from the 50 slightly to the right hand side, because he never, ever, ever, ever, ever kicks the goal from 55 with the pressure coming from the man on the mark and other players in the vicinity.

Disappointed in Hooker for giving that one off, since Cale’s shown no trouble with a 50 mtr distance since playing forward.


Is he cooked?

edit ; wrong thread sorry


Are you?


Thought he was good today. I watched him closely and the work he needs to put in because our midfield turns it over again and again and again.

Imagine he actually had time to rest?


The most underrated player on our list!

Yep I said it.


Anyone ever seen a worse “elite” kick than this guy?

Sprayin till the early morn


Geez. I’m glad it’s not just me. His kicking is atrocious. Its heart in mouth stuff every time he switches play across the ground. The number of times he misses a target by 10m and puts his team mate under pressure…

He and Heppell need to spend lots of time kicking.