#18 Michael Hurley


I just had a hilarious image of Hepp & Hurls playing kick to kick…


but you get people in this thread like ‘I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE DON’T SEE HIM AS ELITE’


Ha. They couldn’t. They’d need ball boys.


I don’t see it, seriously. I hate the 50m down the line, but apart from one stuff up in the last qtr (I haven’t seen the other 3) his kicking is elite. Several times in the last qtr he hit the target.


Defensively he was good today. His kicking was just awful. He keeps on doing these little stab kicks and turning it over.

He is not the guy we want to be launching our attacks from the backline.

Please no more kick outs


Its a thing.


Atm his kicks are either bullets that smack the target on the chest, or downright ■■■■■ altogether


watch his switches, no reason for these to not land in the hands of teammates, instead we have to run onto them like we’re our forward line.


…and given how bad we are at picking up a ball below our knees, it’s a recipe for disaster more often than not.


If there was a stat for most apologies in a game, I swear Hurley would kill it. Always raise his hand in apology after every kick.


Need to be in a squash court at the minute … :smirk:


Please don’t let him kick in from a behind again. Still a pretty good game today though


75% effective disposals says his doing ok. Coming back from injury Hurley takes time to build into the season and you can see with each passing week he’s become more confident in his game/body. But what a huge difference Hooker made while playing alongside Hurley. Hurley looked more relaxed/adventurous. As someone said in another thread, Hooker makes everyone stand tall whether forward or back.


Hurley is tracking exactly the same as last season. If Hooker stays back Hurley will probably improve because he’ll get easier jobs and get more help when he’s in trouble.

Even though he’s not as good defensively as he was, he’s tracking for another AA spot because the media love his possession numbers


9 intercept possessions. 15 marks and 29 disposals. bloke was pretty ■■■■■■■ good, even if his use by foot wasn’t brilliant.


Conor should be taking most of the kick outs I reckon. Hard to say who to use when he’s not there. What about McNeice if/when he gets into the team?


and 24 kicks with 75 percent efficiency. Absolute gun


Watching the game yesterday, I said to my wife, that we will find out Hurls has been playing with no wrists after he retires. He can’t one grab anything. I hope he isn’t doing himself permanent damage by playing.


Absolutely love the bear, but %$% me, apart from a couple of bullets he nearly turned the ball over every time, many times under no pressure at all.


That was the worry. Plenty of times he had time and space to deliver the ball and would either dump it on someone’s head or miss them by 10 metres…or just turn the ball over