#18 Michael Hurley


Put him CHF.

Useless down back.

Ambrose out is the biggest loss we can have personnel wise.


Struggled again in the first quarter. I thought he was starting to look a little better in the second, beats Dusty in a 1 on 1, but gets stitched up by the umpire. Just hasn’t been his year so far

He only looked better in the second half begcause he didn’t touch it


Ease up people, he’s just getting settled back.


Beat Martin fair and square in a strong one on one. I hope he realises and keeps backing himself. Needs to dispose a lot smarter though. Lobs on the left have done nothing at all.


I agree about the Dusty contest. That’s the best he’s looked in a contest for a long time


Not happy with some of his decision making… and bombing away…
Unfortunate that Guelfi spoiled him early resulting in a tigers goal… Guelfi has been very good and got us back in it i believe… so he is forgiven.

that martin contest was common fair for many years.


He is PERFECT trade bait

Is 28, key position (or at least was) and racks up numbers which hide his shiite true form

Send him to WC for Gaff


Gaff is a free agent so let’s not go that


Could be anything this kid?


Does anyone else think trading Hurley isn’t a crazy idea?


If we can get a 1st round pick then take it and run


I’m not sure what you’d get for him?
If teams think he could regain his form, and offer something substantial you’d have to think about it.
Trouble is, I suspect it’s a buyer’s market.


Would happily do it for the right price

Should never of been brought back into the 1s, especially considering his garbage form before that


He’s be worth a truck load.

He’s a gun just out of form, I reackon due to poor coaching. He will come good this year. No doubt.


Bagging Hurley is massive Nuff behaviour considering how good he has been for this club.

Pull your heads in.




Has been great but no time for sentiment.
If we could get a first rounder for him I’d take it in a heartbeat. Same for most on our list




I’m not willing to offload him till I know Francis has made it.