#18 Michael Hurley


He’s not going to improve from here. He showed some real, real bad signs tonight

He slows our backline down, in a big way


We have the rest of the season to see if he is essential to us moving forward.
The team has shown in the previous two weeks what it is capable of without him.


They moved him forward in the last 5 mins. Not sure that’s a move I liked to see. Seemed out of desperation


He too good not to try and fix him and get his form back. With Ambrose out if he giving him the number one defender job each week and saying to sacrifice his attacking game. Need to be reminded what it’s like to beat a man.


I agree. Decent coaching sorts this out in no time.


They were trying to hide him somewhere. Simple as that. He was pathetic tonight.


So… do we allow Hurley that game as a warm-up delivery to shake off the rust? Or do we regard it as another game where he was pathetic, as he has been most of the year?

If he can no longer pick up a man or halve a contest he is of no use to us moving forward, and is firming as the player we should move-on to land some gun mids.


Gets ball
Disposed of it badly
Puts hand up to apologise

Rinse and repeat


His kicks were looping and falling short all night. Just wasn’t punching the kicks as usual. Should be fine but he had a bad night


First time I’ve been to a game for a couple years an can’t believe how bad Hurley is ATM. Terrible kicking to. Gee I hope Francis gets goin soon


Cool your jets everyone, hes having a rough trot atm and doesn’t need his own fans stepping on him while hes on his knees.

By all means question his selection but doubt abuse him, he bleeds red and black and has far too many runs on the board to turn on him.


I’m not saying I wouldn’t take a top ten pick for him in a heartbeat, but damn… Blitz is quick to throw champion players on the scrapheap as soon as bad form arrives.

If he is still this ■■■■ in 5-6 weeks time, then sure, let’s start to worry a little. If he’s still this sh*t at season’s end, well then we have a legit problem.

I’ll still back him in though, guy is a friggin gun.


Out of form coming off injury straight back into team vs premiers

Is woosh trying to ruin his confidence even further?

Not hurls fault the coach is a ■■■■■■■ spastic


He can be reminded what it’s like, but it’s not like he’s only just turned poor defensively. He’s been poor defensively, and 1 on 1 for a sustained period now


What if we applied that to after the dogs game? Here we are 6 games later…


Said it in the Goddard thread, will say it here too, BJ & Hurley can’t be in the same half of the ground. It’s fkg embarrassing how little they both defend. May not be their fault, may be the coaches that structure that but whoever’s decision that is needs to Fkg stop. It’s deadset crazy.


He’s been deplorable the whole season and was super sketchy last year, don’t let the aa fool you. Form has been on a slow and steady decline.


Trade bait


It’s sad how players who have been lauded over a long period for their performance and effort can in the blink of an eye be turned upon, deplored, offered up for trade. I have faith in Hurley. He’s been poorly managed and needs to get back to what he’s about, but he has it in him still. He’s an asset when well used.

How can we expect loyalty when we give none in return?


You want loyalty? Go and buy a dog.
It’s a cut throat industry, and we are miles behind.