#18 Michael Hurley


His hands are virtually painted on as in he can’t mark the ball anymore & he doesn’t have the strength in his fists to effectively punch the ball. Tonight was definitely rust, but the reality is he’s been a very poor defensive player since about mid last year. His ability to read the play is still there hence why he plays an effective loose man very well but without another genuine defender like Ambrose we can’t afford to play him loose. The other problem is loose defender is Goddard’s role so we can’t really have 2 players who so often get exposed on the rebound.


The sentiment in this thread is the fault of the selection panel. We called it even before the selection was made. But no, we are too precious to simply play the guys in form regardless of reputation.

Not Hurley’s fault. He tried his best.


Fine, but don’t go sooking when a player chooses to leave, or start booing him because he’s better appreciated elsewhere.


Form slump, or fell off the cliff? Some players when they get to 28/29, that’s it for them.


hey saucy, don’t take this the wrong way.

but is your sister named kayla?


He can get it back, just needs to go back to it as his focus.


I’m pretty sure he would have looked good if he’d played the last two weeks.


Blink of an eye? Its been the whole year and signs were there last year. You’ve basically blamed everybody for hurleys poor form but himself. Do we just keep playing him and hope he turns it around. What if he doesn’t? We just keep playing him because of past performance.


Everyone? Who?

In any case, to answer your question, what if he does turn it around? Just between you and me (don’t tell anyone),it’s more likely than not he will. He’s a quality player notwthstanding his recent form.

Maybe he just needs to grow his beard back.


Structures, coaches etc


Very sloppy disposal again. Kicked to the wrong side of one on ones, handballed behind the man running past… but he stays in because when you have guys with their best being that good, you give them time to find it, especially when just back from an injury.

Edit: sorry, being discussed around me as I slowly formed my post.


Ok, let me answer this straight. He has been uncharacteristicly sloppy all year. He’s been weaned off playing a true defensive role so that when he must he’s been vulnerable (though he beat Martin fair and square tonight, never mind the umpires). That’s all true.

But to explain my reasoning further, it’s a hard job when you look up the field with the ball in your hand and there’s no-one to kick it too - worse, their are more Richmond jumpers than Essendon.

If you think I’m hard on the coaches and the structures they set-up then dead right. Hurley didn’t lose us the game tonight. Our tactics did.


■■■■ he’s light years away from the 18 year old beating Nick Riewoldt in marking contests or the 19 year old kicking left foot goals from 55 against the Hawks.

He used to be a skillful beast who loved the contest. Loved him in jumper #22.

I honestly believe both his wrists are cooked. He can’t mark and no longer has any upper body strength.

I think his poor kicking is a byproduct of his shot confidence.

I absolutely love Mick and all he’s done for our club. He’s a great bomber person.
Its heartbreaking to go to the footy and not want him near the ball. Something is clearly wrong as he’s becoming an absolute liability and a shadow of his former self


I was more disappointed in his quarter as a forward - Doesn’t have the best forward craft and hands like concrete, but in the past he’s lead hard and straight, yet tonight barely got out of a jog.


You hit the nail on the head, specifically the part about how he used to be a beast in the contest. Now, nothing. Just skirts on the outside of the congestion. Maybe stripping the weight off has hurt him mentally as well. Doesn’t feel like he can impact a pack with a lighter frame.

He used to get really angry when he was outmarked, now he shows very little emotion.

Never hear a peep from him out on the field.

Needs to find his competitiveness again, and quickly. Becuase right now he is hurting the team much more than he is helping it and has been for quite some time


Has a 5 year contract.


Whats happened to this guy? Used to be a gun

Second guesses himself all the time, puts himself under pressure and ends up having to go on his left and kick it nowhere…and that’s when he doesn’t fumble it

After the opposition score a behind he and Goddard always kick the ball 50 metres to a pack. I wonder how long it took our coaches to come up with that strategy. No other team does this every ■■■■■■■ time


I haven’t seen him win too many one on one contests and then tonight he beats Martin and they gift Dusty a free. Fark me…


fark me too…shocker


Stat pads like Russell Westbrook.