#18 Michael Hurley


I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt tonight. Our crapulous setup did nothing to help him. But something is definitely different, and it might be above the shoulders. That Swans final was an absolute shellacking of the highest order, all in about five minutes of play. Ambrose seems to have gotten over it maybe some players haven’t. Put him forward for now


So where are all those people who were laughing at me when i said that Ambrose out is a big loss because i think Hurley is cooked.
Where are those guys who said ‘ohh but Hurley is an AA?’



They laughed at you for the Hurley part. Not the Ambrose part.


Holds the ball like he has boxing gloves on. How farked are his hands?


Hurley has become the next Myers in so many ways


Then we’re farked


We know he struggles when coming back from injury. Don’t put in farking defence where he literally costs us goals. It must be confidence destroying for the bloke.

You can’t have him and BJ in defence. It’s an indictment on the selection committee.

Also give him hand transplants he can’t punch or hold the ball.


Doesn’t seem himself. Wonder how he’s going off field.


Feeling good about yourself. ■■■■■■ hell


Snakes and ladders its down the ladder we slide backwards again.

Has been a faithful servant of the club but you call it Michael. Plenty of the world to still to see.

Time to cut the dead wood at the end of the season and rebuild and that means the coaches too, seriously.
We’re going nowhere in a hurry.


People jumping on him pretty quick.

He was all Australian last year FFS!

I think he is in a rut, like Zaka was early last year. But will come out better. The coaches just need to recognise he is in that rut and play him in a way that will get him out of it. He is a beast who is being asked to be a lamb.

Time for Zaka to have a chat to him.

Put him in the oppositions best forward, tell him to beat them and let him build his confidence back. He’s not a backlin general, let Hooksy do that, play loose, worry about set ups. He’s better at it.

Last night Hurley should have gone to Reiwolt, the fact that he didn’t suggest both him and the coaches have lost confidence in him doing it. So let’s spend the rest of the year building him back up again to the beast he was. If he fails, we find a plan B later in the season.

If he does fail, which I dont think he will, I’d try him on the wing, midfield.


This was a feelout game for him. He rarely plays well, or at the levels we expect from him, after an injury layoff. Was rusty as anything early last year, then from Anzac Day onwards was in career best form. For me he needs to get back to winning 1 v 1 contests and be less concerned with intercept/zone play, although who knows, it’s probably instruction from the coaches. He will be fine…


I genuinely feel sad for him because he has obviously been asked to not only change the way he plays but the way his body was built.
He was a defensive beast who could also link up and distribute well and it’s as if the coaching staff said “holy crap he gets it 22 times a game, imagine how good he’d be if he got it 32”.
He is a player who is now playing with a body size that doesn’t allow him to play how he always did and it’s destroyed his confidence.
I don’t know if this was done for career longevity but surely this can’t be good for his mindset moving forward.
I love Hurls and seeing his demise has been infuriating. The only thing he does better at this stage of his career is rack up numbers and he is so much better than that.


Before we completely and utterly ruin him, let him go.


People who are demanding he play forward, what’s this based on? His game against hawthorn in 2009? Or against the saints in 2011?


Woosha alluded to Hurley carrying injuries this year which is contributing to his struggles and the best way to improve is to play and train consistently.

Hurley is a gun but out of form but I’m backing him in to turn his form around.

Some have very short memories on here of just how good Hurley has been for this club over the years. He deserves a lot more respect.


Hurls is just out of form. Least of my concerns as it won’t be long he is a top 5 player at club again.



He’s out of form. Like the rest of the senior players.
He seems spiritless or unenthusiastic.


Look at him, like Jobe did, he looks broken?? He’s shut down alright.


Counting down the days to retirement maybe? Its like when you quit your job and have to give your 4 weeks notice, time just drags and you want the hell out asap.