#18 Michael Hurley


Yeah because he looked so “broken” last year, when if he was ever going to feel that way it would’ve been 2017, not a year later…


How many of the people totally writing him off, were also arguing “He’s way better than Rance” less than a year ago?


I have extremely low tolerance for Essington like performances these days. In the first 10 minutes Hurley hacked it out of the the back pocket when he had two other options. Then he decided not to contest the mark which resulted in their first goal.

I’d had enough at that stage.


Said it before and I’ll say it again now.
Hurley is fine as a backman
Hooker is fine as a backman

Hooker + Hurley is a bad combination

I’d drop Stewart and throw Hooksy forward next week, we badly badly miss him as a target on slow plays.


Do you mean now, or always?

Because there was a time there where it was the best combination in the game.


Goddard is the one that ruins the mix for me. Can’t play all 3 together and he is the one who should make way


Yeah - and this is one of the problems I had with the club (and this board’s) expectations on tbe side last year. Hurley & Hooker used to be great. But at that same point, Ryder to Watson to Stanton was a great combo.
That was 4-5 years ago man!!


Right… Ryder doesn’t play with us anymore, and Stanton and Watson were both cooked last year.

How is that relevant? Are you suggesting Hooker and Hurley are cooked?

I’m not against Hooker going forward with Joe out (Smack and Stewart isn’t any form of a solution), but with all players fit… I’d play Hooker and Hurley as genuine key defenders.



What’s that saying, oh yeah

"Form is temporary, Class is permanent’.


No, not at all.
But I reckon the game’s sped up to the extent that you can only have one of them in the same part of the ground.

I think we’re 1-5 with both of them back, 3-2 with them split.


I reckon Stewart’s been pisspoor btw.


I don’t really think there is a correlation there, and lack of speed isn’t Hurley’s drama.


Smack will cop all the flack for both of them, but Stewart has really struggled with the extra responsibility.


I think it’s fine if you surround them with runners. But with Goddard, Dea, three talls and leaving all the attacking and defensive running to McKenna and Saad we are hurting our ability to defend.

We need more defensive running power to mop up around Hurley and Hooker. Not lumbering medium utilities who can man up.


So you think Hurley & Hooker together has worked well?


I think Hurley is in dogsh*t form, regardless of combinations.

I thought they looked really good together in the Port game fwiw.

Defences usually look good in wins, and rubbish in losses, and it’s not always about the defenders themselves.


Chicken vs egg, good selections help players look better, in form players help selections look better. Neither worked this week, and you can’t magic someone into form, so I’d be mixing it up at selection.

I reckon they’re both really at their best when they can peel off & intercept. With both of them back, the match-ups get pretty tricky. You can have 1 big slowish intercepting guy - I don’t think you can have 2.


I’m not writing him off, he’ll get back to a pretty good level. But I’m not sure he can get back to AA form

His disposal is a real concern now. More than it ever has been. He’s also panicking with the ball a lot more now, and consistently loses 1v1s.

I think one of the worst decisions we’ve made as a club though in regards to roles, is turning our best legitimate defender into a half back who sets up play. It was a decision il never, never understand

He can get back to a pretty good player, but there’s some bad signs he’s either slowing up, or probably a bit over his footy. Perhaps a bit of both, but I’d lean more towards the first. But you never know


I’d personally leave the intercepting to the mediums , and let these two play on key forwards. In a perfect world, Gleeson / Francis / Ridley do the intercepting and distribution work, while these guys defend.

Again, i’m talking overall here and all players being available, and I agree the forward line might need Hooker back in it as of right now.

But as a combo? Yeah, I reckon it can still work. And work well.


Putrid again last night. What’s his trade value worth. If we can get a late first rounder I would take. Clearly won’t be around for our next flag tilt.


Our defence looked so much better without him. It’s pretty sad