#18 Michael Hurley


A shadow of the form he was in last year.
Does anyone have insight on the actual condition of his wrists?


I agree, but as I said in another thread, that came about because he was horrid early last year in defensive contests, and they needed to get him back into form.

The problem for me, is that we then spent all year hiding him from any real opponents, same as this year. He’s not gonna get better defensively if he’s never played that way.

I personally think he looks injured, not cooked. He’s only 27, he’s got plenty left imo.


Yeah maybe, but I still think that’s 3 changes to fix 1 problem, when you could make 1 change.


Certainly not based on last nights short stint forward. Unfortunately he’s lost all confidence of attacking the ball, forward or back. I saw him choose to sit off a marking contest like a rover rather than hit the pack to mark, something he’s been doing when playing back also.

Having said that, I’m of the understanding that the club is hesitant to play Hurley as a permanent forward as they are concerned with his bash and crash mentally combined with the fragility of his wrists, especially when you’re expected to lead hard and fast towards the ball. They see more value of him back. I wouldn’t expect Hurley to be moved forward permanently any time soon, they’ll persevere with him back. Last night’s stint looked more of a panic move from the coaches box.

Personally I think Hurley’s issues stem from his time off and stripping himself of muscle weight. His great strength of man on man footy was robbed when he did that. A good pre-season in the gym is whats needed for Hurls, he’s too ■■■■■■ light.


Was it a deliberate decision though?

I keep reading his wrists are rooted. If they really are as bad as they say, I don’t see how he does much gym work. Or definitely not hit the gym to keep up the beast body. He might have his current body/strength out of necessity rather than deliberate strategy.


So the last time he was in any sort of form being a defensive one on one player was essentially 2015. Big ask to get back to that

I reckon he just looks like he’s going through the motions of being a footballer. You can never know what the saga actually does to these blokes mentally long term


It’s not that much of an ask, imo.

Agree about the saga though. Hurley was the most in form player at the time of the suspensions. His career got stalled as he hit his absolute peak as footballer. It had to hurt him.


I agree totally with this. The other reason it doesn’t make any sense is that his kicking and decision making is generally ok, but it’s nowhere the level that makes you go “he should be our designated kicker in the back half”


The ridiculous free to Martin was actually probably Hurley’s best one on one since 2015.


That first mark and goal to them where Hurley was seen just standing there next to Moore as he grabbed it. Fck me, at least try and influence the contest or do something, that was disgraceful. His kicking was putrid and again everything said pre game about him running hard to space just to get an easy stat turned out true again. I don’t rate him as a defender, or haven’t whatsoever this year as he’s beaten with ease, and most of his regular 30 possessions are useless buffering touches. He should be dropped and made to earn a game because he’s not getting a game on form right now.


I know, right?

I cheered so loudly when he beat him, and then cracked the sh*ts so badly when the free came.


To be honest I’m not sure his form at the time of suspensions or the fact his career got stalled at that point is really much of the issue. The saga did hurt him a lot from reports, but I don’t think he’s the type of guy who was focusing on his own form, I think it hurt that the club put him (and the others) in that position in the first place.

I’m still not sure if trading him isn’t the best move for both him and us. He’s looked a whole lot less passionate about playing since he came back and maybe a fresh start is what he needs.


That was legit one of the worst frees I have seen given this year. Just disgraceful

If Hurley’s wrists are indeed so bad that he can’t mark properly, which would also mean he can’t pick up heavy weights. It’s probably best to look at trades.

Until he can regain the competitive attitude and some size on he shouldn’t be in the side.

He is playing as an attacking defender yet can’t be relied on to hit targets even 20m away.

Would rather give Francis games


I miss beast mode Hurley.

Trap incoming ball, tuck under arm and beast out of D50 with that look on his face.

It would be stupid to completely write him off but ■■■■ me…he has been putrid.


What are you, an Essendon player?


We turn on blokes so quickly. Yes he is out of form but gee he has been a beast for us. I’m sure he will be right


Francis was cooked only a few months ago.

Blitz can get a little excited at times.


We hear so much these days about players playing their role. Just what is Hurley’s role? He seems to be expected to do everything. You could easily see what Rance is expected to do . You could see the other Richmond defenders setting up across the field - as expected. We are all as frustrated as he looks I reckon. Maybe a long chat with Sheeds needed.


Can’t play Hurley and Goddard in the same team.


Or at least in the same part of the ground with Hurley in the form he is on.

Goddard, looked very slow last night. The end for him is starting to come in sight.