#18 Michael Hurley


I reckon BJ is the kind of guy that would give the game away midweek if he thought he had nothing left to offer. Seems a very smart guy, I’m positive he sees the end is close


Hurley was shocking last night and cost us a number of goals. First quarter where Hooker handballed to him and he couldn’t decide where to kick to and ended up getting done for HTB was hard to watch.

Similar happened to Jobe last year (towards the end against Carlton I think it was) where he just looked so slow and unsure.

You’d think Hurley would have a number of years left but he did look well out of it last night. Personally, I blame the selection team for bringing him straight into AFL. Let him have a run in VFL first. The attitude that some players are straight in is too costly.


That looks quite tasty, doesn’t it?
Btw - Francis is the same size and height as Hurley.


I was screaming ‘criminals’ like a madmen at the time.


If the guys in charge of our strength/weights can’t work out a way around his wrists to develop at least his lower body and torso strength then they should all be sacked.
I’d also argue that if his wrists are so rooted he can’t do any upper body weights then he should probably call it quits as an AFL footballer.


I know, I kind of slotted him in after the fact, it was originally just Gleeson / Ridley.


I kinda agree, but there I a difference for having a strength program to being the strongest man in the AFL. Look at Rance last night he is extremely well built. Surely wrist injuries impact. A 10% difference can be huge in the afl.

IDK this is your area, so ill back your judgement. It just seems common sense to me.


I can see how it’d affect his chest, shoulder and triceps develop as any load would create wrist compression which could be painful.
He should still be able to do rows, side raises, pull ups etc and if anything they’d actually help his wrists by strengthening his forearm and instrinic hand muscles.
Lower body/torso training there’s really no excuse.
I’ve seen guys (and girls) in slings and casts squatting decent numbers and actually increasing their strength using other lifts.
You can’t tell me he’s incapable of doing any of the following:

We’ve had one of those machines at the club since 2014 (or maybe early 2015)


Where does this weak wrist stuff come from?


Trampoline marking


The fact that he has a busted scaphoid that he tends to have surgery on just about every off season.


28 actually.


How is he getting better if his wrists are farked?


There’s been a few guys over recent years who have gone off a cliff in their late 20s
(Not saying Hurley is one, just pointing out no guarantee that’ll he will improve or return to his best)


Proably has another 3 years left max.


Wouldn’t surprise if it we’re two, to be honest. Body is shot.


Analysis on Hurley and his side chipping in the backline on the footy show. Pretty accurate

I mentioned during the week that Brereton had praised Hurley but said he shouldn’t be a backman because he moves the ball too slowly and constantly chips it sideways.

Think this really holds some merit. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Hurley returns and we return to the slow movement from the backline. He’s becoming a liability. We all love him and respect his loyalty. But a move has to be made - VFL time to build up confidence or move him to another position on the field. He can’t stay in the backline.


Had AA full backs in Hooker and Hurley and neither is going to see success we have wasted their talents.


I realise he couldn’t get near it last night when switched forward but I would play him FF next week v lions just to break his run of poor games in defence. He can do the basics well - compete in the air, apply forward pressure, lead to the ball carrier. We can build a functional forward line around that with the small forwards and 2 other marking targets. His future is back in defence but a few goals and attacking the ball might get him back in form.


you are nicer than me. I was yelling something much worse