#18 Michael Hurley


What that video highlights is what has happened most of this year and most of the second half of last year.

Funnily enough both Hurley and Goddard have historically been our best and most aggressive ball users from the back but both have struggled this year.

Francis is an excellent kick so I hope he comes on fast and Ridley has also shown to be very good with ball in hand.

It’s easy to see why they lock down on Merrett so much. He is always looking for the dangerous pass. Langford is another but he is obviously still inexperienced.


Heh… my brother was with me, and he was trying to make these drunk Tiger supporters admit the umpires were cheating lol


Probably no-one currently living on this planet will be alive when Essendon next win a flag.


The issue is he can’t take a contested overhead mark anymore. So struggle to see what worth he’d Be upforward. I’d run him on the wing or Ruck rover for a bit. We’ve got absolutely nothing to lose in a trial


He does seem to have lost that ability to take a contested overhead mark - which means a role in the middle of the ground. Let’s try him in the middle third and see what happens - although should be in the VFL where he explores a new role.


At one point last night, the ball was coming into the Richmond forward line and Hurley was running up towards it.

Everyone thought he’d leap to spoil the ball but he just backed off completely and allowed the Richmond player to take an uncontested mark.

If he’s so injured that he’s scared to make physical contact, it’s just time that he moves out of the backline. That being said, all positions require some form of contact. I’m hoping one of the players speaks to him just to see exactly where he’s at.


It’ll take him about 6 weeks playing forward to get a few goals.


If he’s not good enough you drop him, not make up roles to hide him somewhere else on the field.


Gee this criticism is over the top.

Yes he is in the worst patch of form in his career but he is still a good player.

Every other club in the comp would have him in their starting 18.

He’ll come good. Just needs a mental break more than.anything i reckon.

Give him a week up forward or even a tun in the middle. Just do something to.mix it up for him


We turned Hurley into Hibberd.

Im certain he still has something to offer but perhaps the days of him holding FB are gone


The guy is a defender plain and simple. He shouldn’t be moved forward just to try and keep him in the team.

Either he plays and plays well as a defender or he plays VFL until he finds form. AFL should never be the place to try to rediscover form, especially in an area as critical as defence.


This might not be a popular opinion but I feel it’s time to be brave and put someone like Hurls on the trade table. An all Australian backman should still have some trade value at 28 and we’ve got a lot of defensive backup in the VFL. Not as good and some unproven of course but sometimes you just have to take a gamble. And it hurts me to say it because he’s been one of my faves for a long time but sometimes it has to be done. Thoughts?


If his wrists are as farked as it seems, then we’re going to get diddly squat for him on the trade table when clubs do their due diligence. Just gonna have to stick with him and hopefully comes good. Play him in the vfl to regain touch if need be as he had his mental break of 3 weeks and didn’t come out looking any better.



Yeah if his wrists are that bad you wouldn’t bother.


That’s being generous he was getting towelled up big time the start of last year, remember the infamous tex walker game in adelaide? I do, i was there. Then they decided to turn him into this floating defender after that game to try get him back into form.
I even said last year he was ordinary and i think the final in sydney summed it up. I would prefer he just plays lockdown again though, but agree he is good trade value because the media love him and his high posession numbers, so his price will be inflated.


I think the club are a bit squirmish about players who were and still are a part of the saga. I think someone needs to sit down with Hurls and have a chat. Ask him where he’s at and what he wants to do? Not what others want him to do. The bloke isn’t a fool, he knows he struggling. But his loyalty to his team mates and others, may prevent him from making a decision which might be best for him, like not playing while injured?


Yeah that’s a big part of it. He’s been loyal as fark. You wouldn’t want to burn him. But you never know, he could be the next Brian Lake for the right club.


I think he needs a spell in the two’s to get his form back and he’s should have about half a dozen other senior players to keep him company.


fabric torn.