#18 Michael Hurley


If he is truly stuffed can we get one back on the Hawks by trading him there like they did for Williams.


Yeah it just doesn’t make sense to me.
If his issues were directly related to the disc hernations then golf would have only been making it worse.
If Hurls was taking heavy medication and playing golf against medical recommendations then he’s an idiot, and if his doctor(s) were enabling of it then they should be tried for medical negligence!


Unfortunately for Hurley and the EFC there is not one other team that would take on Hurley. Melbourne would love to have him for the rest of 2018 but I couldn’t see them taking him on full time. Perhaps a 2 year stint at Carlton to guide the younger players? Then again I don’t really see him as a role model type of player. The way he stands on the mark with a sad look on his face and his hands by his sides is not the body action of a role model for young players. I really believe EFC has a problem on their hands in managing Hurley. Based on his game against Richmond he does not deserve a spot in the top 22. I’m thinking he is done and dusted, a broken man in football soul and body.


He should have a go as a roaming chf. He can kick 50+ metres on both feet. He would be more of lead up type like lynch from Adelaide.

fb: hooker
Chb: Francis
Chf: Hurley
Ff: Daniher


he cant mark the ball… how on earth is he meant to play forward? it was the same issue 5 years ago when he was played forward, had trampoline hands then, and it was hidden well enough until he’s become crippled again.


Chest marks?


he had a case of trampoline chest too


Settle down kents

We got belted and he’s invariably poor first game back from injury for touch as is let alone under Tigers heat & constant repeat entries.

I’m backing him in to come good


I’m backing him too. Some of you have short memories. Finger tapping heroes.


so he had a bad back, but he still was playing golf 3 times a week?


Yep, I’m sure he will come good as well.

Very interesting to hear about his back, poor bugger, incredible effort for a bloke with ■■■■■■ wrists and back and get two AAs playing completely different styles.


a more important question is, why the ■■■■ was he getting so much medical treatment in 2015 of all ■■■■■■■ years. the year was shot to ■■■■ early on, he should have been sent off to try and get better, not go through that ■■■■ just to play.

want to back him in or not, do whatever floats ya boat, but he is severely out of form and should not be in the senior side period at present.


Hopefully this is a milestone we can win.

Reaching 150 AFL games is certainly no easy feat, but to do it in the fashion star Bomber Michael Hurley has is a remarkable testament to his character.

Swinging forward and back, leading through mud and clear water, overcoming injuries and receiving All-Australian selections before and after a year out of the game, it has been far from a conventional career.

Hurley admitted “it’s taken a while” to reach the significant milestone, but said the occasion has given him the chance to reflect on his time at the club.

“There was a little bit of a video before training today, which I suppose was pretty cool to look back at some of my vision from my first year and second year – I looked pretty young and unathletic back then,” Hurley said on Thursday.

“I have had a little chance to reflect and you think about the guys you’ve played with, some of your role models and things like that, it’s pretty special.”

He credited a number of Bombers including Brent Stanton, Dustin Fletcher, Jobe Watson and Brendon Goddard with helping him reach the heights he has to date.

“It’s guys like that that have really shaped my career and helped me along the 150 games.”

It is easy to forget that one of the league’s greatest defenders has spent a large part of his glittering career as a forward, booting over 100 goals.

In fact, he too understates his success as a forward after being drafted as his age group’s greatest key defender

“In junior footy I sort of played a bit of forward and a bit of back, but I think I was drafted predominantly as a key defender.

“Having started as a defender I thought I’d probably stay there, but (after) the retirement of Lloydy and Scotty Lucas I sort of got thrown down the other end and toiled away down forward for a few years, which was pretty tough.

“I wasn’t very good at it, but I guess it helped me be a good defender as well I think.”

When you play 149 games you’re bound to be a part of some big moments, and Hurley has certainly not broken that trend.

One of his fondest memories occurred against bitter rival Hawthorn in the last round of 2009, his very first season, when he truly announced himself as a future star of the competition.

Hurley kicked four goals that day and coolly bombed home the winning goal on his opposite foot from more than 50m out. It sent the Bombers into the finals and dashed the reigning premier’s hopes of a finals return in one fell swoop.

“It was pretty exciting. Looking back now I can’t believe that I actually tried to do it, I definitely wouldn’t be having a crack at it now,” Hurley said.

“But I guess you’re young and you’re care free and you have a go, and fortunately it paid off.”

Hurley was caught up in Essendon’s toughest period but broke through his challenges to emerge better than ever on the other side.

Earning his second All-Australian selection following the devastation of a year out of the game was an astonishing achievement, but he stressed he didn’t make it on his own.

“I’m very lucky that I’ve got a great support network. I’ve got a fantastic girlfriend, I’m from Melbourne so I get to live around the family with my mum and dad and my brother and sisters.

“It was a bit of a rollercoaster (with) a few ups and downs.”

Driven to succeed, Hurley believes reaching the “ultimate goal” of a premiership before his time in the league runs out is definitely achievable.

“I think every player comes into the AFL wanting to win a premiership and I think we have the right mix at the moment at the footy club, we’ve just got to find some form and really find some consistency with our footy.

“(It is) really exciting what this group can do and I’m really excited about what the future holds for the Bombers.”


not sure 150 is a milestone… surely its 50, 100, 200?

anyway, if the club decrees it a milestone, then a loss is inevitable.


it’s been decreed a milestone


its settled, we shall lose


I really hope they give Hurley a more accountable, less offensive role this weekend.

His decision making and disposal is simply not good enough to be the main backline distributor.


That thinking is too rational for this coaching group.

He is going to be playing a spare man and you will like it!


that quote where he says he wouldn’t have a crack at that 50m goal over hawks

that’s what’s changed

have a crack mikey

right now he doesn’t even have a crack at marks or kicks or anything anymore.


Hope Hurles has a big game on Sunday and helps us to a good win.