#18 Michael Hurley


As do I. It’s not about his back or his wrists. IMO it’s about his confidence. The unwillingness to take the brave kick has crucified us all year. The chip chip chip around the backline Is the root of all our structural problems.


Yes, as is our habit of kicking the ball high to Walla or to a forward outnumbered by two or three defenders.


go well hurls. hopefully watching those early highlights reminds him of the type of player he can be.


That first game.
That versus Tredrea mark.
Showed he was special.

He’s been affected by his injuries. Not as bad as the injuries that has impacted others, but significant nonetheless.


Yep, his confidence has been eroded but it can be regained.

He’s still one of the best defenders in the league.


How similar was the contest in the Treadrea mark and the Martin free kick. He’s still got it, and can adapt to situations.

I’ll back him in.


Michael Hurley Warrior.
Michael Hurley 150 games.
Michael Hurley Warrior.
Michael Hurley well done.


Much better this week. Much better, Cut out those dinky little sideways kicks. That’s the Hurley I want to see.


Played like a defender


flew for marks!

kicked straight

well done mikey


Funny what happens when he plays accountable football.


Was a return to the Hurls of old. Loved his game today.


So did he play on someone today?


Played on Hipwood I believe. Played old style Hurls footy, was glorious.


Just needs to get the mitts working again now. Was definitely a step in the right direction today.


Now THAT was the Hurley of old. Competitive, won one on ones. Playing direct football.

More of the same please




A keeper.


Who would have thought, if he actually played as a legitimate defender instead of a half bank flank, he’d go okay? Oh you know, just all us fkg idiots on blitz

That game today, is worth FAR more to the team than him picking up 30 touches and barely going near anyone defensively


Best game for a long time.
Still not impressed with him when we have the ball. His direct opponent goes and fills a hole while Hurley stays behind the play no matter how many of our other players are fatigued sitting behind. Redman was a great example of freeing up others when we had no options forward. Hurley is far too selfish to be considered a leader of this club, I’d really doubt a teammate would admire anything he does offensively.