#18 Michael Hurley


Hopefully giving him a proper defensive role will see his confidence return; then maybe we will see a return to Beast Mode Hurley of 2015


Hurley may have his faults, but selfishness is not one of them. And as for his team mates - they love him, and love playing with him


Selfish may be the wrong word I’ve probably gone too far but if three are catching their breath behind the ball he should be pushing up. 14 v 18, we ain’t kicking a goal on the rebound.


I would do anything, just to be like him!




The article about his chronic back condition sure helps us understand.

I am not sure why he rarely does it, but the low incisive pass that BJ can execute with good reliability is something Hurls rarely even tries.

Sure, he is a monster kick, but he continually goes for that long 60 metre press clearing kick that hangs in the air and thus ends in a 50/50 or straight into the middle of the opposition zone most of the time . So half the time its going to come back inside 50 and often fairly quickly.

I can only conclude that Hurls does not have that laser disposal that BJ and young players like McKenna Ridley, Guelfi and Redman have. We have excellent running backline players and these players need to be released more often, so we can carry back through the corridor and pass to leading forwards.


Times last night it just looked like he lacked confidence…a real short quick handball to Hooker who was almost standing next to him, a quick boot out of defence over the boundary (Umps paid deliberate)

Old Mick would have tucked ball under arm and bulled his way out. Doesn’t seem to have that in him this year for unknown reasons.

I still thought he was solid last night


agree. 2nd half he had more composure but seems to lack confidence when in posession


He will build confidence by getting some defensive scalps. Wasn’t an ideal match up last week, I think Wood is a very good match up this week.


I think Hurley should benefit from having Francis in the team, it’d allow to play tighter on his opponent as there wouldn’t be as much pressure on him to intercept and rebound


Glad for his sake he took a couple of important marks late. Prior to that he just looked a fairly limp unit out there. Still don’t love him in the distributor role either.


Still not playing very well.
Needs to step it up does Mick.


Diabolical 5mins in 3Q where coughed it up 3 times when should have done much better

But you can’t fault the endeavour of the big bear. Just need to have him handing ball off to others to kick more often I think


I think he’ll take some confidence away from his last quarter


Keeps this form up, then Franga should come straight in for him.


I know he can play well, I’ve seen him play well, just get some fcking confidence in ya guts boy.


Spot on. All between the ears.


I just hope we let him know that the only reason he’s getting a game is because of his name and he needs to start repaying the faith. If someone like Hartley has been churning out these performances he’d have been delisted and fired into the sun by now.


Great to see him back as a defender


He is such a bad kick. Hope he finds form soon.