#18 Michael Hurley


Weird game by Hurley. A couple of times i thought he legit didnt give a [email protected]


Yep and other times he was superb. Just needs it all to click… I’m betting it will.


I watched him after two of his real clangers - he was upset by them. He hated stuffing up.


Was he on Zeibell all game? If so I’m happy with his game.


I reckon hes been pretty good.the last 2 weeks just body work and some nice marks when we needed them.


Defending, he was really good. With the ball in hand he is a liability


I didn’t notice his kicking in the first half, which was refreshing, unfortunately I did in the 2nd. Has anyone noticed a whether he has an on both feet or is it mainly on his non preferred?

If he’s fit he plays imo Francis can’t play lock down, yet


He took two great grabs in the final quarter. I reckon the ability is still there somewhere, but he needs to find it and use it consistently


Played ok today but he and Hooker are a disaster waiting to happen when they try to go backwards or sideways to each other. They fark it up time and time again

I luv Hurls but its no coincidence that he was the catalyst for Norths resurgence in the 3rd qtr, as he was against the Tigers



Also his overhead marking in the last qtr was better than normal and important.

*Couple of howlers though


when he had the boyish arrogance of being new he was so confident and was lace out with both feet

da ■■■■ happened.


One thing I am repeatedly disappointed by is Hurley’s terrible decision making when we need to ice a game.

So we simply need to run down the clock…he takes a mark…BUT THEN MOVES THE BALL ON QUICKLY!

Go back to the disastrous Sydney loss last year. Hurley takes a mark. Then immediately kicks backwards 20m to a team mate. Great. We successfully burned 3 secs but gave up field position to do so.

Well he has continued to do it this year.

And he did it again today in the last quarter. He needs to learn to hold the ball until he is called play on, and THEN hit a target, or go long to a contest.

Stringer is proving to be a genius compared to Hurley.


His wrists are fooked.

Can’t drop the ball properly


How then can he still take marks?




I can kinda get how.

Marks is hand strength.

Dropping the ball is more hand mobility.

Mind you Hurley isn’t the worlds best market but I could see an ability to clunk but lost the agility to drop the ball correctly.


Was good to see some early grabs but he single handedly brought them back into it when we were 31 points up with some incredibly stupid football.

For a Senior 2xAA he makes rookie mistakes.

His brain fades are pretty much inexcusable for someone his age.

He’s lucky he redeemed himself with a more composed performance in the last quarter.

I was once his biggest fan. Would be happy for him to have a rest with Franga to come into his position. Won’t happen though.

His sideways/backwards kicking is legit Knights era ■■■■.


Is it brain fades or simply not being able to execute that’s the problem.

For mine It’s not that he kicks it to dumb options it’s that he misses by 10 metres or more which ends up costing us.

Something has happened where he just can’t kick like he used too. He either needs to regain that touch or start playing more within himself.


He is completely lacking in confidence, he hits those kicks 8/10 times last year. Form is temporary, class is permanent but he needs to come good soon. If he wasn’t ‘Michael Hurley’ he wouldn’t be in the side.


His first instinct is to look sideways and then by the time he realises he needs to look down field the defenders are in place to intercept or force a turnover.

I love Hurley and think he will turn it around but he looks devoid of confidence.

Hooker doesn’t have the penetration in his kicking that Hurley does but he mostly looks for targets in better position and moves the ball fast.

Football is 90% above the shoulders and Hurley in form is all class. He will be back.