#18 Michael Hurley


Either his confidence is on the floor or he has regressed so badly that we will never see the player that he once was again.

These shitful mistakes and poor efforts are becoming all to frequent.


Our defence looks pretty damn good atm, considering the best guy of the lot is out of form.


Next year when he has Gleeson, Saad, McKenna, Redman, Ridley and Francis around him it’s not going to matter. Those guys can all kick well, he will no longer need to be a primary play maker.


He had an intercept mark on the wing where he attacked it at speed, cutting across the front of a north player, he had momentum and could have kept going capitalising on the turnover with a quick inside 50, instead he chose to stop and go behind the mark, allowing north to set up defense.

It’s play like this that shows his current poor decision making which I amount to low confidence, we know that he is better than what he is producing just need to hold faith and hope that he and the coaches can correct whatever the ■■■■ is wrong atm.

As much as I want Francis in the team I don’t think he has shown the ability to play as a genuine CHB especially the ability the clamp down and shut an opponent down. It becomes a calculation as to what his kicking and intercepting provide and the risk of his lower fitness being exploited.


He was getting his forearm/wrist looked at on the bench in the TV at one point. Gotta wonder if he needs another week or two.


I want to see Hurley having good, strong, 15 - 20 possession games. I hate it when he racks up 25 - 30. That generally means that a) the ball is spending way too much time in the oppositions forward half, and b) he is playing a dinky little sideways game. I want the old “take no prisoners” Hurley back, not the panicky “look sideways” version we see too often these days.


Clark. I"m at odds with you today.

I sort of agree but in the last quarter it was the opposite. He had an easy release kick 20 meters up the flank which I thought he should have taken as it probably would have overlapped all the way down the wing.

Instead, he did as you said and held the footy. Everything got closed off and he had to try and hit something more insane or soak up some time and then bomb it long to a pack option.

His kicking has got him a bit spooked but I reckon he’s trying his best to work his way through it.

The reason he didn’t take that release kick were some kind of demons that have him thinking he’s going to kick it out on the full or spray it 15 metres in board for a turnover goal to North.

So all that considered it was probably a smart decision to hold the footy for a bit and take a percentage option long and to a pack on the boundary.


First half Hurls was pretty good. Third quarter was atrocious with that turnover gifting North a goal and momentum a lowlight example of the quarter. He came back into it in the last. As the coach said post game, he wants his players to take the game on so he’ll excuse an occasional turnover so long as they keep going for it.


Spot on. Hurley’s at his best when he will clunk an intercept mark, play on instantly and kick 50 metres forward to a player on the wing.

I think coaches have to get in his ear that until he gets his confidence back, take the safe option and bomb it long up the line.


I doubt it. We don’t play a chip chip game any more. I just think he hasn’t adapted to the style we play now. Hopefully it’ll come sooner rather than later.


To be fair hooker contributed to one of the errors by pointing into the corridor when it was probably slightly dicey and the ball should have gone to hooker.

That said hurls just can’t punch out a low spearing 25m pass to save himself. He just kick floaters. The contrast to Redman is stark.


Played much better than people are saying. Despite stuffing up a few kicks throughout the year, I like that he still has the balls to keep taking the game on. 25touches from this man is an asset to the team.
The passage of play the end which resulted in McKenna hitting Tippa was courageous play which ended the game.
We like to make things hard for ourselves when we go backwards. Sometimes a kick up the line to force a throw in would take a lot of pressure off the team than trying for impossible kicks.


Played great.
That turnover wasn’t his fault. He wanted to switch play but that player didn’t want it and pointed to a semi loose player in the middle.


Was still a slow, loopy kick from Hurley.

Problem actually started with Goddard having a mark/free out wide on the wing - he refused to short pass/handball to Colyer on the boundary line bvut completely free…who could have then run and launched into F50. Instead, Goddard went backwards sidewards to one spare defender who went sidewards to Hurley.

We always get into trouble when Goddard and Hurley are “free” and they start kicking sidewards/backwards instead of going forward when there is clear opportunity to do so.


Hurley got kicked in the hand/wrist in the 3rd or 4thQ. Should have been kicking in danger but was ignored. Doesn’t account for any earlier mistakes in the game but hope it didn’t cause any more damage to his dicky wrist.



Was the 3rd time he didn’t follow his instinct and take the first option. You knew as soon as he hesitated it was going to be a turn over.


I would agree but yesterday no. And on a few occasions previous.

North kicked 108 points when they previously averaged 86.
We gifted at least 2 goals and our defensive effort on the ground was not good enough allowing way to many goals between 10-30 meters out.

Ad to that defensive ruck setups and losing concentration when they have a shot over 45 meters allowing for unmarked players and I reckon we have a lot to work on.


Defensively he is playing okay, but fk me I don’t trust his kicking this year.

He had a terrible patch in the 3rd when he missed Heppell with a simple pass to the back pocket, and that floaty looper to McGrath was an easy pick off for the North player which resulted in a goal.

Then McKenna makes that kick in error, and we virtually brought the Kangas back into the game with our own ineptitude by foot.
Whilst the Kangas maintained good field position, we fluffed up the last 10-15mins of the 3rd qtr.

Thank fk we were up for the fight in the last qtr.

I trust Dea and Ambrose with the ball more than Hurls ATM, and that is damning.


6 turnovers. Some costly.

6 intercepts.

Kept Ziebell irrelevant.

Not his best game for sure. But people saying he should be dropped on form so on have lost a grip on reality.

He isn’t at his best but Hurley’s average is still above average across the league.

He also beat his direct opponent which half of blitz have been complaining about him not getting an opponent all year.

Get around him.


Yep he played a good game yesterday, a few heart in the mouth moments but solid.

And I’ve been harsh on Hurls for the chip chip chip game but perhaps it’s also a matter of the coaches drumming it into the players to take the best option ALWAYS. So whether it’s Hurls or Joey D screaming for the ball in a non advantageous position we don’t automatically take that option because it’s Hurls or Joey D.