#18 Michael Hurley


He missed his target by about 20m - he kicked it to the wrong side of Pidge.
I was yelling “to Pidge, to Pidge!”…then kick …then “no no no…the other side…!”


Can’t believe the negative views of Hurley’s game. Didn’t put a foot wrong in the first half. Had a stinker 3rdQ. Did some great work in the last when North were edging closer. A better blend of defence and attack from him as far as I could see.

I hadn’t noticed at the game, but he pulled his hand away from some contact in the 2ndQ like he’d been shot. I also saw him do the same in the last when he got kicked in the hand. Something is still not right with his wrist/s.


I can think of another thing that happened…


Hurley needs to stop beating his direct opponent ( which was an issue earlier this year ) and he’ll avoid criticism.


Thought he showed some positive signs on Sunday, but that kick back into the middle of the ground in the 3rd was vomit


I reckon his form today was one of the biggest positives. Thought he was pretty close to his best in the first half. Some really good intercept marks and defensive efforts, didn’t stuff around with the ball too much when he had it either


Had concrete hands on a couple of occasions but overall was very good.

Still slows down the play a bit to much though.


good up until de goey got him in the 4th.

very encouraging though.


When he’s actually defending he’s 10x the footballer*

  • We already knew this


I thought he was bad. Anyone can do some intercept marks. He’s terrible with his decision making and kicking. I have no confidence in his one on one ability


Seemingly, neither does he…


Hooker and Hurley were dominant, but who exactly where they playing on. Collingwoods weakness is no decent KPF.


De Goey got on top in the last because there was no pressure on the ball coming in, Grundy had it on a string and Pendlebury was left unchecked and allowed to waltz to his hearts content. Cox pulled a catch out of his a**. De Goey is surprisingly big, I was shocked, so was Gerard.


Yep, De Goey is 6’3 and is going to outmark everyone except Hooker and probably will break even with Hurls. Anyone else is no match up, so Ambrose gone was telling.


It seems we need a tagger to close down opposition mids. We haven’t had one since Heath Hocking and he was cooked long ago.


Langford and Myers do most of the run with roles and have done mostly good this year.

Yesterday Collingwoods whole side stood up in the last so it’s a bit difficult to stop that.


Myers was matched up on Pendlebury in the last but rather than tag him he was trying to read the tap and got lost about 3 times in a row.


Worse, he got lost on the wrong side, leaving Pendlebury unmarked, with ball in hand and no one between him and Collingwood’s forward 50, Alex Rance and all his hype, couldn’t stop that bs


I mean, everyone can also tackle and chase, but Devon Smith does it the most. Do we downplay the importance it has because everyone can also do it?


Best game he had played for the year last night.