#18 Michael Hurley


There was a sense that he was really battling to hold one grab marks. Towards the end of the game they were beginning to stick. Hope that builds confidence for him.


Does his best work in greasy or wet conditions.


Theres a joke about Hungry Jacks here somewhere but i just cant make it.


At half time I was ready to trade hurls. His game was uncontested rubbish. Second half turnaround was impressive but that’s the std he should be at.


The last time Mick experienced something as wet and greasy, he was ankle deep in a taxi driver


Can he PLEASE stop asking for the handball from a player having a set shot from 50, because he is forced to kick under pressure from 55 out, and I am almost certain he has failed on the last dozen attempts with that play.

The fact that it was Raz this time who is nailing the majority of his shots from 50, makes it worse.

It’s low percentage, and infuriating that he isn’t learning the lesson !


They could always just not give it to him.
In reality all he is doing is offering an option.


He’s a senior player, and younger players will always give him the ball in that instance if they have a kick from distance.

Therefore, I want him to realise after the last 10 or so failed attempts (most of which were not even close), that he isn’t doing the team any favours calling for them.

Raz would have been 50/50 from that set shot.
Hurley is 10/90 from a running shot from 55 with the man on the mark, plus other chasing players applying pressure.


I said this the other day, has he ever actually kicked one of these? I’m amazed he is still asking for the ball in this situation. Must be something like 0 - 20 when he does this.


He’s living off this one.


Yep, and the left foot one against Adelaide 2014 at Etihad.


Damn i love that goal.


round 22 2009, AKA the game that turned the next 4 years of hurleys career into a complete and utter waste.


Trade Hurley?

Drop him for Franga?

Pls blitz.




He’s back. All credit to him, he showed me, he showed the doubters.


12 disposals and probably in top 3 best on ground. Shows that disposals don’t mean everything




Sweet damn it was great to see the real Michael Hurley tonight!


There he is