#18 Michael Hurley


BoG for mine.

Kept Buddy goalless except for a few soft frees.


After tonight Rance ■■■■■■■ who?


BOG. No question.


11 1%ers

awesome work


He can’t play the defensive role anymore… Ya know?


Absolute beast. Reminded me why he’s my favourite player. Massive effort.


Always loved the guy but have been ripping into his play this year. That was ■■■■■■ special. Had to hold back from running on the ground and kissing the guy. When he backs himself and attacks the ball he’s incredible.


Been hard on hurls but he was brilliant tonight, and full of passion. Give him a job every week, forget 20+ possession games.


Beast mode

That’s what we want Hurls. More please.


His best game since 2015 without a shadow of a doubt


Best defender in the game when he plays that way


Wonder if Mick will give Fucknuckle his pants back??? :thinking:


That is the Mick Hurley I want to see. Absolute Beast! AA year stuff…he just ozzd confidence


Gave Buddy an absolute paddlin tonight. Beat him so bad Eddie and his mates reckon he was playing hurt. 2 goals, one from a stiff free, the other from a dodgy non free, did nothing else all game. Every single 1 on 1 Hurley won, even when out of position early


There is something about our two AA key defenders, playing in key defensive roles, that just works.


Sensational month.


That’s it Hurls, never forget your a mother ■■■■■■■ beast.


That is damn near his best career game, and he has had some rippers. The first time I can remember Franklin playing Essendon and getting genuinely flogged by his opponent.


His best games are when he touches it 12 times instead of 28!!!
Loved his game.


Is there anyone you wouldn’t give a paddlin’ to