#18 Michael Hurley


No, a paddle in the harbour is safe but that’s not what paddles are built for


Does his best work one of one, very smart footballer. Reckon he plays better on the better opponents too


It’s chalk and cheese from earlier in the year. Michael Hurley is a fantastic defender. Let him be that player and he truely is the best.


Awesome. He’s been working up to that. Never gave up.


In most games, agree. But, tonight - was all about Bear. He comprehensively thrashed Buddy. Hooker provided no assistance to Bear, IMO. That effort was all Bear. Accountable, man on man smashing.


Keep your pants on Johnny, I wasn’t saying that Hooker had anything to do with stopping Buddy. That was all Hurls, and it was SO good to see.

It’s just pleasing to see the best defensive pairing in the game, being exactly that.


Hooker forward & who knows what the end result may have been (15 goal win?)

I have always been on the Hooker back bandwagon, but he was wasted tonight. Bear destroyed Buddy on his own. Most of our inside 50s were wasted with no big target down there.

Stoked with the win. Just felt that it had nothing to do with our two AA defenders down there. All about the accountable Bear tonight.


Had Hooker gone forward, we may have continued to bomb long and not changed up our forward entries.

I’m glad we stuck to the structure tonight.


Interesting point, but our last quarter masked our earlier wastefulness. 72-39 inside 50s & nothing in it at 3 QT.

Our structures weren’t really that good. Aliir picked us off at will. Hooker would have kept him accountable - either in a contested marking situation - or would have brought the ball to ground & allowed more chances for Raz & Co.

Our mids got on top in the end & Bear destroyed Buddy, but Hooker had little influence down back. Took a few nice marks, but would have had more impact down forward (IMO). Again, brilliant win. Over the moon.


the cajones of woosh to leave hurley to buddy all alone

Something clicked though and having to play his natural game style of defending incoming balls than zoning off to replace michael hibberd made him play his normal style, beat opponent, get ball, deliver off either foot

welcome back michael


Good call. The majority of the time Hurley was one out with 3 Strikes, and Hurley destroyed him.


Disagree that Hooker was wasted in defence, but agree we were one marking option short in the forward line.

Would like to see Stewart or even a more mobile type like Laverde come in next week.

All my point was… It’s good to not be mucking around with guys like Hartley and Ambrose to do the big jobs anymore. Between Hooker and Hurls, they’ve got every type of key forward covered.

But yes, as for tonight… All Hurls!!


Oh, yeah, definitely agree there.

TBH, earlier in the week, I was thinking that Hearts would need to be recalled for the Buddy job.

Once I had realised that it wasn’t going to happen, I was all about - Hooker forward (as that marking option) & Hurley on Buddy (in an accountable role).

It didn’t pan out that way, but agree that it was awesome that they both played & we won.

Just thought Hooker would have had more influence down forward (in this particular game) given the matchups - than down back.



Quite possibly.

And don’t get me wrong, I was calling for it at half time along with everyone else.

But I’m really glad we found another way.


First player to get a 2nd thread?

Think there was about 5000 posts in August 2016 when we were trying to get his signature.


■■■■ he was good. Hardly could fault anything he did tonight.

The goals Franklin ended up getting were from pretty rough umpiring decisions. Loved the footage near the end of the game with him on the phone to the coach. Absolute genuine happiness to get the win.


Hooker and Hurley to hold down the two key posts now.

The Ambrose, Hartly and Brown(back) experiment is over.


Anyone who suggested trading him should go back in fkn time and shut your fkn clams


I’m one who thought he was cooked because he was just losing so many one on ones the last couple of years. If he’s got a game like this in him though, I was completely wrong.


Hurleys back, … back again,

Yes he’s back, . tell your friends…