#18 Michael Hurley


Even Buddy’s crap games are usually pretty good. Tonight Hurls not only beat the best player in the game one on one he obliterated him. Not many defenders have or even can do that.
I love the self belief this man has at the moment.


Nah pants off Johnny. All day.


Pants off day???

I can do that.


40,000 people saw Buddy do the forearm jolt to Hurleys neck. 3 umpires just ignored it. Its just not efficient. One umpire could have ignored that all by himself.


Franklin’s two goals were on the back of bad umpiring decisions.

Also, things you wouldn’t have heard if Rance did that job:

  • Swans play too slow for buddy
  • Buddy looks injured
  • Buddy’s lost a yard


Lol. Good one Chris.


I would’ve flicked Hooker forward halfway through the last, once Sydney had given up the ghost

It sounds trite and arrogant, but in each of the last 3 games we’ve been dominant but only kicked something like 5.10 or so for a quarter. They all should’ve been 10 goal wins, and weren’t.


There was a pdsage of play where McCartin got it out the back and Buddy had the choice to either shepherd, or try to sprint from behind for a handball receive.
Of course he found his yard of pace, to try and kick a cheapie.


hurls best game all year by a long shot
if he starts to eat meat again he will keep improving


He will always be a better player when given a direct opponent and told to crush them into dust.

Considering the way his kicking has gone, I’d rather Francis, Ridley, Redman, Saad and McKenna take more of the responsibility for the r50’s


12 touches
77 SC points

Proof that stats in isolation mean squat


The bear is back!!!



Still one of my favourite days on Blitz. Sitting in the waiting room at the maternity clinic and this place just going nuts when the announcement comes that Hurley will stay a Bomber. Then my wife walks out and says we’re having twins. I really should’ve named one Michael and the other Hurley. If it weren’t for Lost, I may have.


Really coming into some AA form at the right end of the season

If we make finals lookout Hooker and Hurley combo


The Bear is back in town, Bear is back in town, …

And he brought the boys with him …


I think that has to be the best game I’ve seen him play… backed himself , played the ball and not once got sucked into Buddy’s BS like many other defenders do.

I thought this guy was cooked … down on confidence mentally for the game and lacking the confidence in his body… he crashed bashed and spoiled like the monster he should be… well done


Hurls torched Franklin- we’ll never get reemed by Buddy ever again.


Yes, that’s how he should be playing. Good to see he still has it in him. So much better for us when he plays that hard one on one role than floating about getting ineffectual cheapies. Reckon he would have enjoyed it too. Good for his soul to play like he was born to play.


I will put my hand up and say I was calling for him to be traded earlier in the year.

I got it completely and utterly 100% wrong. You jammed it straight up my backside Hurls and I loved every second of it!