#18 Michael Hurley


Thing is last night proved two truths absolutely true:

  • Hurley should play on a man
  • Hooker should be at the same end of the ground


The biggest winner with Hurley back to beast mode…

Franga. It’s gonna open up the role the lad was born to play.


So you’re saying the team was better balanced last night?



Remember that time Mick had Franklin’s measure for 3 quarters but he cut loose in the quarter to get 3 or 4 on him?
I clearly remember Buddy ruffling Mick’s hair at one stage, like ‘I own your arsse biitch’.
I reckon Mick Hurley remembers that ruffling of the hair too & I reckon Buddy won’t ever be doing that to him again.


Say what you like, for the first 8 weeks, Hurley couldn’t mind a baby in a pram. He can now. Playing to his own strength and Francis can do what Hurls was trying to do.


yeah, guess we gotta drop francis for a concussed dea.


When young players arrive at Sydney, they soon learn, when Buddy demands the ball, its a very good idea to give it to him. Up at GCS they called it the GAJ effect, only with GAJ you had to do it twice in each passage of play



Hooker isn’t going to fix that.


Wonderful game, let that display demonstrate to the coaches and to Hurls that he needs to be used as a key defensive player. If he is going to play like that Ambrose isn’t required and our backline has a far better balance.



BOG on Friday night. and a big FU to Paul Roos. What’s not to like.


You forgot, - “Made Farklin his bitch” )


Implied by being “BOG”


Well, …not really, … and it hardly has the same delicious ring to it, … :wink:


So you wanted to trade a dual AA CHB because he had a few bad games? :joy::laughing:


Playing very much with injury. Looked in pain every time he came off, and after he kicked long. Bent over grimacing in the last when he cleared from CHB.


Getting beaten by a first year kid summed up Essendons day Hurley won’t be happy with that effort in his review


Technically there was a hold on Hurley by Worpel, looking at that contest Hurley looked like he was trying to mark when he probably should have spoiled, if it wasn’t a 1st year midfielder he probably wouldn’t have tried it.


Hurley took a high risk option by trying to win the ball with one hand and turn Worpel to launch a counter attack. He knew there was a minute or so left and chose not to spoil for that reason.