#18 Michael Hurley


Makes dumb kicking decisions each week - or more correctly, executes poorly each week on occasions. Some days he gets away with it, other days like yesterday, he didn’t.
Expect more from a two time all Austn.


He was seen to be taking Ventolin many times throughout the game. It may not have been injury but a chest complaint that was affecting him.


Probably spot on, at one point he was 5 metres from the bench and motioned to get off. Must have needed the ventolin.


ASADA to investigate?


Yeah, I saw that and was wondering what was happening. It looked concerning.


Probably suffers from a bit of Asthma


Ah ha. That explains it. Ambrose usually went to Gunston and kept him under control, and a fully fit Hurls should have held him to 2 or less.

Having said that, both Hepp and Zaharakis also had off days.


John Basically admitted Hepp was carrying, and was far from his best.


He seems to get the ventolin before the start of the quarter, he came out after half time doing the warm up and already looked stressed out with his hands on his hips.

The trainer then came past with the venolin.


I’ve never heard of Mick being asthmatic.

Flu / Respiratory infection maybe?


I often use Ventolin before and during exercise as a preventative measure


Realistically both Hurley and Francis both struggled in their roles - Sometimes you switch roles and it works but not to be today.


Has had a dirty season


I would have said up & down.

Same thing?? :smirk:


Been in an out of favour I think


Maybe MH has that upper chest infection, it is everywhere up here on the far south coast of NSW. Like a very heavy cold that can quickly become bronchitis. Its a viral infection, antibiotics will not work.

Our family are down past Geelong everyone either has it or has had it.


Well why play him?


Not sure if srs


We live in Geelong and my daughter isn’t an asthmatic…yet. But she’s had a cough for 3 weeks and Ventolin has been awesome.


Seems like everyone has turned into pazza.

Anyone has the slightest health or injury issue, you don’t play.

Most players are carrying something, particularly at this time of year.