#18 Michael Hurley


Especially if the cupboard is bare


That last effort was awful from a All Australian backman against a kid, went to ground and stuck a leg out. It’s the little things sometimes that seperate the contenders from the pretenders. If I’m being honest (and I love Hurley) it was a cringe worthy effort.


What bullshiit lol


Fark me!
It’s what’s known as a mistake.
I’m sure you’ve made a few.
Like maybe that post.


last week he pulled the exact same move on buddy and it worked like magic, this week mistimed it a little and lost his balance. its football, it happens.


Hurley regularly does that little slide, gather and dish off move.

It’s a cool move, I reckon he’s only ever fluffed it once…


People getting upset about the last effort - he clearly knew he not only had to win the contest, but with seconds left on the clock he had to win it and go straight away - he rolled the dice and tried to turn worpel and launch a counter - had to do it.

There’s no way he defends like that if we’re 3 points up, he probably spoils it out of play - but that wouldn’t have been enough in the moment.


And it wasn’t the reason Essendon lost


Had his best game for the season last week and then followed it up with an absolute howler when we needed him to step up desperately.

He has to be the master of of the massive punch/swing at the ball to spoil/clear the ball and either totally miss/barely graze the ball.

Needs to be far better next season but unless it turns out that he has been carrying an injury all season, I fear we may have well and truly seen the best of Michael Hurley.


Would love to see him play against us the way he plays for us. Would trade him in a heartbeat for a gun midfielder!


Is he suited to be the deepest defender?


Certainly improved second half of season but so have most.

Like to see him go another level with confidence though, still seems timid in his pressers, he is a quiet type I get but more of that game against Buddy on a consistent basis is his challenge for 2019


Needs to take a leaf out of Fletch’s book: instead of a massive spike, just do a solid forward jab. More consistent contact and goes just as far.


I still don’t like it. You don’t go to ground voluntarily. Lose control of the ball and you are gone, stay on your feet and you are still in the contest. And last week he was very lucky - he went to ground, was under pressure with the ball and threw it with his left hand to Goddard (?) while making incidental contact with his right.
Ditch the move and stay on your feet would be my advice if I were his coach.


Well that settles it then.


I get people want to defend the bloke but that critical play was beyond poor for a dual All Australian with 157 games experience. To go to ground against a 6 game player was inexcusable. Not blaming Hurls for the loss by any stretch but to gift Hawthorn a goal in those circumstances was demoralising and adds to the pain.


Remember who used to do that exact same move?
A former Bomber champion?


Back to being a liability




Perception outweighing output by a loooooong way.