#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Hmmmm we’re soon to be in the vicinity of the Mildura region…

Our boy!


That’s not Broken Hill though, to much green grass and they even have a fence.


So…you’re finally doing it?


Yep…the lure of drunken dinners with the lovely Mrs D and your good self was just too hard to resist.


Einstein could not teach some of our coaching group.


I agree, the special theory of relativity is pretty tricky, let alone the general theory.

And I doubt any of them would understand the concept of mass warping spacetime.


Congratulations to Kobe. Hope he goes well.
Was a great contributor at Bendigo Pioneers and deserves his shot at it. He will give 100% all day.


First game i saw this kid play at vfl last year he stood in front of a key forward and took a mark, got poleaxed then got up and delivered the most natural left kick i’ve seen from our player in a long time. the 2nd touch he got he seamlessly turned onto his right and delivered it to a teammate down the wing.

hard and skillful, with a brilliant workrate is my assessment. good luck kobe “the missing link” mutch



He is the natural footballer. Knows how to get it. Is courageous in the air and at ground level.

Not blessed with any great deal of pace but just runs all day. Contest to contest to contest.

Should do him well as this game should open right up with tired legs of players backing up off short break


he does some serious gut running too in the vfl, might not see it in afl because the place is fairly different but when he’s accustomed he’ll be one of the handful of pieces we need for a competitive midfield.


Almost the sole positive today.


i’d like to see him onball a bit more.


He looked good out there. That brave back into the pack was impressive


Considering Einstein knew nothing about football as it was ahead of his time, I would assume your statement is correct.


If he gets dropped for Myers I swear I…

Wont be surprised


Was def a positive today, maybe try Langford, Clarke, Redman, Francis (when fit), Ridley.


Well played kobe.

Solid debut.

Shame he is team mates aren’t as composed and careful with disposal as he is.


Shameful this kid has more of a dip than all other “senior players” in the side.


We’ll wreck him in 12 months though the more games we put into him just like McGrath.


we’ll ruin him soon enough


20 possessions and was mostly sound with his disposal

Good debut and will be dropped for Myers next week