#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Well 20 possessions is barely enough for Langford to keep his place.
All jokes aside I thought he did well. Must be hard coming into a side so down in form.


He and Paddy the two positives


Must persist with him. Solid debut.


Thought laverde was also quite good aside from a couple of skill errors.



Did well, can see him growing into a good player. I hope they keep him in the team for next week.


He will be kicking like Heppell next year


The main goal on debut is to show that you deserve 10 games to see what you can do - in that sense he passed with flying colours. Good on him.


Solid start. Loved that mark he took


Well done Kobe. Hopefully the first game of many.


Building into being a GOOD BLOKE and hugging the parents is a great start


One of the few that can hold his head high. Exactly the type of player we should be playing every week. Hopefully Clarke and others get a chance this week


I’m confused. Why are Mutch and Guelfi and LAV doing good things? I thought our team was settled, and then they go upsetting the balance……


That is his TradeMark™.

He didn’t stretch his kicking skills, and it worked out fine for him at AFL level. Must have taken lessons from Clarke on that one.


Really good first game. Played the same way he did in the VFL. Hopefully he gets a good run of games to settle in.


Watching this kid today just strengthend the possibility that we actually do have an AFL standard midfield on our list, we just haven’t seen them yet.


Reasonable I thought. Not great, but good enough to get another game.


Thought he was good.

Who the hell was the teammate that gave him the hospital pass that almost killed him.


We just choose not to play them


Did as well as you could expect. Use of the ball on both sides of the body a feature, allows his to get out of trouble unlike others who are so one-sided they have no ability to dispose of the ball on their non-preferred (Myers cough Myers).