#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Really happy with Kobe’s debut, i thought he showed plenty!
Do not worry tho, our “developement” team will ruin him asap


I turned off mid through the 3rd

Was he pretty decent?

If so it would only make sense for Myers to take his place… why protect the kids if there’s no kids to protect right ?


I thought he was the only positive to come out of today’s disaster.
He read the play well, made good position, disposal was very good and he didn’t panic.
He should be given an extended run at it.


Exactly. Positioned himself in space pretty well to be an option, something our more seasoned midfielders seem incapable of doing.
Kept it pretty simple with his disposal at times choosing basic options but without panic was also a positive.


Well done to Kobe, played a cracker on debut.

It says it all when a player on debut was pretty close to our best player at half time.

Looks a find, should play next 5 even if he barely touches it in the next couple of games.


Very solid debut and here’s hoping he kicks on to get better for us.

Kobe Mutch fulfilled his dream of playing for Essendon on Sunday and has described his AFL debut as “an honour”.

Mutch was selected with pick 42 in the 2016 National Draft, but was unable to break into the senior side in his first year at the club despite finishing second in the VFL team’s best and fairest.

But despite a knee injury interrupting his second pre-season, Mutch maintained his momentum and fought his way into the team to take on Melbourne.

It didn’t take long for Mutch to impress on the big stage, finding the ball early in the game and using it cleanly, and he said the immediate support from Bombers fans helped him feel comfortable.

“It was an unbelievable experience, just to represent a great club with such a proud history and so many members, it was truly an honour,” Mutch said post-match.

“Hearing the roar from the fans just helped me a lot (to) ease into the game.

Mutch said he had faith pre-game that he could prove his worth at the top level before he went on to gather 20 disposals at 70 per cent efficiency and rake in six marks in an impressive display.

“I was pretty confident coming into the game, I knew that I was going to bring effort.

“You’ve got to bring effort and play your role for the team and that’s all the team asks of you.”

A contingent of Mutch’s family and friends trekked down to Etihad Stadium and he said it was special to have them by his side.

“They’re a great support, they’ve helped me all through my juniors, so to have them here…was great.”

Kobe’s mother Juliann was in attendance and said her son’s debut was a result of great patience and persistence.

“When we did actually get confirmation it was just an amazing feeling and I knew he’d be so relieved, because he’s just been anxiously waiting,” she said before the match.

“I’ve always been proud of his work ethic. I think he is incredibly dedicated, but I’m most proud that he’s a good person.”

She said to have Kobe run out onto the field in the red and black for the side he has always supported was a dream come true.

“From a child of five (years old) to go to the AFL, let alone the club that you wanted to, it is special.”


Cover your eyes @Crazy_Bomber :wink:


Here’s hoping the mothers of Hardwick, JJ, MJ, Solomon said the same thing about their boys.


Did someone say he was a GOOD BLOKE?


‘just a bit of a larrikin, you know boys will be boys’ to the 10th time this month they’ve been sent to detention


Let’s be honest if your mum doesn’t think you’re a good bloke you’re getting nowhere near our list.


Congrats Kobe on signing til the end of 2020


Finally some good news

#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley

Would like to see Clarke and Ridley debut this week

Ridley looks like a kent.


Poor sods.


Agreed. Clarke is a bull, RIdley is a great user of the ball out of the backline (something we clearly lack)


Looks like a kent too


Really have to question their decision making.


Agree it’s good news but can’t help feeling the club stage manages these announcements to deflect attention from poor on-field performances.


FFS “re-sign” FFS.