#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch



NOW ■■■■■■■ PLAY THEM YOU ■■■■■


great that he’s signed, hope he stays in the team for the rest of the year


Take it to the “Death of Journalism” thread …

So basic, it’s incredible.


Well, if you think about it…




thats a blitz agenda thats begley is injured and ridleys not ready.

also everyone knows mutch is gonna get dropped for myers.


It’s just a link.


I’m really starting to warm to your negativity.


When I saw that headline my first thought was “Don’t tell me - they’ve resigned Mark Neeld for two years”


Why would they let him come back in 2020?


Or maybe they just re-signed this week? Wouldn’t be surprised if what you’re saying is true though…


It has its charms


Mutchy looked good. Him re-signing is a good thing.


They probably re signed him off the debut. That’s the kind of decision we make

Touched it 20 times? Sold. Two years

In all seriousness, good move


Gald we did oposition clubs have a habbit of sniffing around our of draftees that are playing VFL.


Fark Footscray.


I thought he was ok, he got the ball but I’m not sure how damaging his disposals actually were as some kicks seemed to go 5m! And whilst I love how careful he is with his kicking, it didn’t look natural at all and I worry that won’t hold up long term when the pressure is on or against a more quality opposition.
He can get the ball though so that’s a start.

Spargo looked to have the real “IT” factor out of the two and that was in the first half, prior to our being plundered


Anyone who watched Mutchy at the game on the weekend - did you notice how well he positions himself when the ball is nowhere near him yet? Time and again, he was the obvious receiver - because he made himself so. Impressive - we have seniors that haven’t learned that yet.


Some players have a natural ability to find the ball


For me, it was more of how he easily found space, on the G, on debut. This is what we need.