#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Is a good mark over head.


I bolded the bit I agree with - and the reason why I think he should be tried inside the packs.

But I think he is slow enough that it is a defensive liability when left to try to cover the expanses of a wing.


I agree with what you are saying but in the right system those players can thrive.

He’s one I would be putting games into as he has a natural ability to rack up possessions in midfield and that’s what we need.


I reckon both would torch him in a foot race. He’s not slow, but he’s not quick either- overall he’s OK in a lot of areas, without really having many things to hang his hat on.

long term he’s a defender for mine. Dogged, runs all day, tough as buggery overhead, safe by foot. Not sure he’s a 150 gamer but wouldn’t mind him slotting in for Bags when he goes.


Bags would beat him in a foot race now let alone a couple of years ago.

I think he would be torched by small forwards


Agreed. He makes Baguley look like Colyer. Not sure he has the intensity/■■■■ either.


You can’t make any assessment of the young mids given our entire setup is a shambles. Even Zerrett looks like a truck at the moment.

All we can say is whether they have a dip, run hard etc. From what I’ve seen, he does. Just keep playing him.


I don’t think he’ll make it. I hope I’m wrong because he gives absolutely everything and he deserves to make it. I think he is just a touch slow and doesn’t have outstanding features. Great on either foot but i haven’t seen him.split sides apart with his kicking. Its normally little 20 metre kicks. Which in fairness might be to do with our game style.

Definately worth persisting with though. Can fault gis endeavour and that is something we don’t have much of right now


The amount of times he ran hard to space and wasn’t used, was earth shattering for the kid. Everytime the ball was turned over with poor decisons from our experienced midfielders, leaving Mutch exposed on the turnover. Pretty tough to play wing in our team.


that was lav in his first 2 years.


Has a dip and can find the footy. I don’t think he’s any world beater considering he can barely kick 40 and is pretty slow, but he’s got obvious footy smarts.


Comes in, plays a role, doesn’t shirk a contest and generally hits a target. If only our senior players could do the same.

People calling him a bust now have to be kidding. Give the kid a chance.


Poor disposals and slow decision making. But he’s still young.


I’m undecided on him, goes in hard but his kicking is a worry. But if we drop him and bring in trucks like Dea or Brown back into the side I’ll give Pazza a reach around.


He is Hooker’s mini-me:

  • Honest competitor.
  • Takes a good intercept mark.
  • Runs with the gumboots on.


In 2 games, I thought he has been good. Looks like a goer, hope it doesn’t get coached out of him.


And Parish


I’m not sure I see it, but happy for him to be given a little longer yet


His pace is a concern, particularly considering the number of other one paced players we have.


real shame about his pace
he seems like a decent player without being great at anything.
At the end of the day he was pick 40 something.
How many pick 40s have we had succeed?