#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


He’s played solidly but the thing that stands out to me is that he isn’t quick AT ALL and seems to have no real weapon but we have bigger concerns than this kid at the moment.


I don’t mind if he’s not quick when he has the ball but it was noticeable his opponent was putting space on him in transition. That’s the worry, particularly if you already have a number of guys who get left behind in the same way.


Same. Nothing about him stands out or excites me but meh, he’s all we got so might as well play him


Is he now injured? Must have been sore


40+ picks and Rookies who have or will establish themselves in the senior team.

Raz, Gleeson, Hooker, Bags ®, TBC (PSD), Ambrose ®, BZerk-Thatcher (happy to get ahead of myself here), Guelfi (here too), Walla ®, McKenna (IR- maybe cheating here), Draper (happy here too)

Hibberd (PSD), Crameri ®, Jenkins ®

And that’s just current players.


I reckon Kobe’s future is as an inside mid.


Get them hands warmed up, boy.


Reach around? You’re a dark horse.


I tend to agree, but I do worry that he cops it in the head a lot.

He has a lot of courage and football sense, and his skills are good and hopefully will get better.

But at 187cm if he gets another 5 or so kg on him (88kg +) he should be big and strong enough. He and Clarke are similar in size and could be very serviceable inside mids, but also have very good endurance which means they should be able to get to contest after contest.

After this year I don’t think we will feel too frail and small in the midfield, especially if the Langford, Lav, Begley and Stringer continue to improve as inside mids, we could even have a couple of spares.


Yep. And the fact he is genuinely dual sided should be very handy.


Yeah, but those aside…


Oooh… nice one SC. Donny has just been torn a new one, in a rather vigorous fashion


Any news how he is going? Sounds like a serious issue with his head


In injury report this week. Should play VFL this week




Haven’t seen the game yet. A mate of mine talked up his game today big time. Reckon he has it.

What do you guys make if his game today?

Is he ready to put together a season in the seniors next year?

Can he play as a genuine insider?


My only knock on him is that his kicking seems to lack penetration


Rushed his kicks today and definitely lacked penetration.


Can he end world hunger?

Can he find a cure for cancer?


Yep. That’s the ■■■■■ in his armour.
Very good natural footballer though.
If he played within the limits of his kicking he could still be a good player.