#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


You are actually a deadset fukhed mate.

I thought the VFL Matchday thread told you to fark off a little.

Please listen. Coz you act like a flog


Turns out ■■■■■ gets filtered out…:grimacing:

Does he play within his limitations enough? He seems to win the footy a lot and if he can win it on the inside he may find a role. He always is leading our tackles.

I liked his inside work last year but have seen little VFL this year unfortunately. Just interested in how his inside game has developed. I really like the kid.


Not really, yet.
He’s still trying to get more penetration. If he finds it great. If he doesn’t he will need to adjust his game a little. But he can certainly find the ball, and get it out. His inside game is not bad at all. I like him too.

That said, Mynott is the one I’m watching with interest. I reckon there’s a pretty handy player in there.


This is going to be critical and the same goes for Clarke. Neither can be put into another position and expect influence. They have to compete internally and against stars if their only role is midfield. Experience and maturity could possibly change that analysis but really there depth that gets you through a season.


Like Cameron Ling during the Cats flag years?


Yeah. Good comparison.




Surely if someone could teach Connor McKenna to kick, then we can also improve Dyl and Kobe’s kicking technique?


It’s much easier to teach something new than it is to unteach something a bloke’s been doing since he was 5.


And realistically, Clarke’s kicking is improving, and Kobe’s kicking isn’t bad, it just lacks penetration.
Not everyone’s kicks carry like Myers or Hartley.


Kobe is hard as nails and wins his own footy. He is definitely going to make it. Think he will be a fine wingman


Played a good game today. Don’t think he’ll make it though. Hope I’m wrong as he gives everything every time


Not really sure what his weapon is but I really liked his game today.

Is tough as nails and at 187cm/83kg, at least we know he’ll have the size to compete hard around the contest at senior level.


These may in fact be his weopons.

From what I have seen he is good in tight spaces.


He’s a good egg then.


Doesn’t have the weapons to be a winger, will need to play on the inside if he is to push his case for an AFL spot. It is hard to add penetration and depth to ones kick, he’ll need to learn to chisel and stab short passes off either foot and become a dominant ball extractor; we know he has the hardness and tireless work rate, he just needs to find a way to increase his impact and we have a good honest AFL footballer.

And teaching Irish kids to kick is way different to teaching Aussie ones. Irish kids grow up kicking the round ball, so they come with the muscle memory needed to kick from a ball drop it also gives them a mule of a kick. They have a controlled introduction to the Sherrin and don’t develop any bad habits that the Aussie kids learn in the backyard.


See earlier in the thread - he is/was equally good off each foot.


I’m aware that he is a natural ambi-footer, but he needs to be able to drill those kicks over short distances the way Mitchell used to, at the moment his kicking hangs a little too mutch for my liking


Yeh has to bullet it or put it to advantage of the marker. He’s kicking is direct but not to the advantage or quick enough to the target.


I thought that when he was in the seniors he took great care with his disposal.

Does anyone have stats of how efficient it was in the seniors?