#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


I still think his biggest concern is lack of pace.
But if he replaces Myers that’s probably not a huge concern. Hep and one other slow guy is ok. Not keen on any more.

So he has to predominately become an inside mid. I’m not confident on Clarke or Mutch but probably have a little more hope for Mutch


Worthy of a bump. How is Pazza?


He reminds me of a young Angus Young


Avg 16 touches, 10 kicks, 11 effective disposals, 73% disposal efficiency.


Sore. It was like finding a needle in a haystack.



He isn’t quick but If he could develope a good dummy off either side of his body it could open the game up for him.

He’s very brave in the air and isn’t afraid of contact but needs to find a way to become more damaging if he’s going to make it.


Thank yo Maxx. 73% efficiency is pretty good for an inexperienced player.


Bit of a Jack of all trades, master of none, solid on both the inside and outside, good enough disposal without it ever being a weapon. I think Mutch reads the play a fair bit better than other VFL players though and knows when its his turn to go/ hold off/ where to be to provide a release.

I was bullish on him last year, and I still reckon he’s a prospect, but he needs to add another string to his to be a viable senior player IMO. Learning some forward craft would be a good step forward.


Two mates with “i’m with stupid” t-shirts?


Especially for a player that doesn’t bomb long, as long kicks count as effective no matter the outcome.


Decent size, brave and commits to a role for four quarters. Richmond’s built a team around numerous former spuds like this… Mutch has a career doing what he’s doing, just needs to do it at a slightly more berserker level.


Finds the footy well with his reading of the play and positioning. At VFL level in those finals he copped a massive number of heavy hits and lost possession, seemingly because he doesn’t accelerate enough when he gets the ball and is light on for size, so they line him up and catch him easily, so imo he is probs not solid enough to play on the inside at AFL level (yet)


Given he is not quick the best thing Kobe can do is hit the gym hard and put on some serious strength and size. Become a Kennedy.


Is super willing and courageous but I would be pleasantly surprised if he makes it.


If he stacks on muscle I see him being less Kennedy and more of a jacked Heppell


He’s a guy who I look at and think no-one will really know if he’s up to it until he develops the body to match his game.


Watched him in the finals. Not quite there yet.


Death by a thousand cuts type player. Jury still out but I can still see the promise.


Post 1000. (Last post would’ve been appropriate here)