#19 Nick Hind

I just watched the replay, Hind made 1 bad error / kick the whole game. He also saved a couple of goals.

If people are gonna have a go at Hind, then they should have a go at McGrath who cost us 2 goals and Nick Martin that missed 2 targets in the last quarter going forward.

Hind had an excellent game.


His sheer pace probably saved us 3 clear goals last night.
We have no one else that can do it, he stays in. Solid effort despite a couple of errors.

I heard them too

He had a decent game.
That shanked kick was at a time when the wind was quite swirly.
Could feel it on lvl 4, and multiple players were mis kicking in that period.

Hind’s worst error was when he didnt go hard enough with the flight of the ball…
Q3. 9.35 remaining.Score 44-44.
Something he’s been criticised of numerous times.
Tigers ended up winning the ball and scored a goal from it.

Confidence doesn’t have much to do with courage though. Yes he didn’t have a bad game as such but just putting your body on the line when your number comes up should be a basic requirement.

Squibbery aside, I still am a bit jury out on the chase down on chopsticks. Merrett is our version of Cotchin who you’d expect to step up. Both of those guys are captain for a reason. Hind equates to a bit of a foot soldier who you’d liken to, geez I don’t know, Hugo Ralphsmith? Runs and kicks but outside of that could do more.

I’ve noticed in footy now there’s a fair bit of shirking that goes on. And to be honest I don’t blame them. Concussion is a prick of a thing long term and these guys won’t be able to do their job and really risk having an ordinary life post footy.

But the problem with hind is he comes off as mouthy, dumb and cocky at the best of times so really turns the spotlight on himself.


You talk it you walk it. Not that he was doing much talking here.


The good still heavily outweighed the bad.


I agree.
I dont like the incessant “should never wear the jumper again” calls from infantiles who cant control their emotions after players make errors particularly against good opposition, which is all we’ve had lately.
We all know who they are on the site !

Hind is on the fringe of Best 22, and thats okay.
He is currently a better player than Mass.


Sometimes he ■■■■■ up, but usually it’s because he’s trying to take the game on.


Insert [why not both] pic…

And that’s why he will be in front of Mass for a little while longer.
If you added Hind’s risk taking with Massimo’s kicking, you’d have a damn good player well inside our best 22.

Scott knows that every player will make plenty of mistakes during a game. He’s not too worried about mistakes. He wants to see a pattern of behaviour. A habit. He wants to see players keep going to the next contest if they make a mistake.

The last thing we need is half the team playing ‘safe footy’ and too afraid of making a mistake and stop taking risks.

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I disagree. But that’s ok.


It’s a fascinating game as much for the varying observations, ain’t it. I think Hind is currently a little risk averse , and that 2nd guessing is part of the problem.

As outsiders, we can only label the totality as “form”. It’s hard to know what the small components are at any given moment for individuals.

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One thing I noticed watching him from the ground was after he makes an error, he follows up by working his tail off to try fix it.


I’m only going from personal experience - if I was having a shocker I’d make sure those things that don’t require a great deal of skill I’d get right. Sheparding, tackling, backing into packs and keeping my eye on the ball.

And that in itself bred a bit of belief.

Redman not handballing to him in the last few minutes shows a bit I think.

I don’t like him in the side anymore, he isn’t capable of being intelligent when to burst away and he makes too many defensive errors. I do t see us improving with him in the side.


Merrett laid the game winning tackle was about the only thing you got right there, if you can bother to watch the replay and see what actually happened you’ll change your nasty little opinion.

can’t trust him to make the intelligent decision, or execute simple football skills under 0 pressure



I’ve had nastier opinions than that.

And I no, haven’t changed my opinion.

I know you have and I knew you wouldn’t, no matter how blatant it is.

Yeah, I disagree with you.

I know he got blocked, he he got past it.

A guy with his pace could have made up that ground, if he wanted to. He was jogging.

Hind isn’t known for his chase down tackles, even though he’s often the fastest guy out there. As I said, it’s a pity, it would really round out his game.

Sorry if you think that’s nasty.