#19 Nick Hind

I know you have and I knew you wouldn’t, no matter how blatant it is.

Yeah, I disagree with you.

I know he got blocked, he he got past it.

A guy with his pace could have made up that ground, if he wanted to. He was jogging.

Hind isn’t known for his chase down tackles, even though he’s often the fastest guy out there. As I said, it’s a pity, it would really round out his game.

Sorry if you think that’s nasty.


“kind of jogging in Dusty’s general direction”…C’mon man, thats not what happened.
We’ll leave it at that and let others judge for themselves.

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I haven’t seen the game yet, but based on what I have seen from him up to this game, leads me to believe that he just isn’t very intelligent.
See ball, get ball, kick ball, run with ball …. Instantaneous random selection which at times doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, given the then prevailing circumstances.

He doesn’t seem to be one of those guys that have already assessed what’s going on around them, and have a fair idea of what is the best option without needing to study the landscape after taking possession.

I’m not sure there would be time enough for him to process it and come up with the right choice, so he seems to just pick an option an go. Every now and then he takes the right option and looks good. And then there are the other times.

He has some abilities, for sure, but I am not convinced that he has the mental aptitude to harness them and channel them correctly.


After watching the replay, I thought Hind played pretty well. Yes, he has some clangers (and no left foot), but I think he does take ownershiip of his corageous/risky options- he definitely progresses the game.

I agree he could be better defensively and he probably sits just outside our 22 ideally- but not a bad depth player on the list-and they are important at the moment.

50th game for Essendon this week if he gets selected.


His first season for us, 2021, was very good, and he did a lot of damage by carrying the ball through the middle of the ground that year. Opposition teams seem to have clued on and are now forcing him to go wide when he tries to break lines, which reduces the territory gained and puts a bit of extra pressure on his dodgy field kicking.


Well I have now.
Nothing I saw changes my opinion.


Mass in Nick Out


Nick OUT

Eli IN