#19 Nick Hind

I wouldn’t.
If any of the rumour going around about his refusal to play to his role was true back in the day, we don’t need that kind of attitude.
Isn’t their rumour of player discontent in the background with factions forming within FC.

I wonder if he is contributing to that.


Can’t be true that there are factuons. They’ve all denied it.

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I wouldn’t trust a single Blitz rumour on any player who left. Blitz can be very bitter.


It isn’t a Blitz rumour it is a FCFC fan rumour on BogFooty.

I meant the rumour about his time at EFC.

Wouldn’t want him back regardless of how good he might be.
He made his bed, now he gets to enjoy lying it in for at least the next few years.

29 soon, clock is ticking :snake:


Certainly was one of his better games, top 5 ratings wise

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Interesting that kick to handball ratio.

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Ridley was similar. 20 / 3

We’ve been pretty composed coming out of backline lately

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Definitely guilty of that. Some of his disposals have been fantastic but others have been beyond abysmal. I know all players have changers so he can be forgiven them.

My major concern with him is that he looks for an easy out far too often. Goes down holding his head if caught with the ball. Races to the boundary line if tackled, even when he’s 5 metres inside it. Little things maybe but when others are busting a gut at the bottom of a pack looking for a teammate to advance the ball, it stands out to me.

It’s obvious the team are really putting in the hard yards this year, I just don’t think he’s 100% bought into it.

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With a statement like that your basically saying that Brad has no idea what he’s doing, don’t you think Brad could see if a player wasn’t 100% invested ?

He did bugger all that actually paid off, he ran and swept around on his left most of which went to thin air

He looks like hes dominating but actually isnt doing all that much

I’m not saying Hind is a better player, just that his contribution last night i thought had more value


Saad’s handball and making space with his pace was far more damaging. Frequently swept up, made space and delivered off. Often in/through traffic. Anyone not rating Saad’s game wasn’t paying attention or biased.

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Maybe the wrong terminology. Probably invested in the message but not attacking the contest in the same way his teammates do.

At the moment he’s doing what he needs to to be considered best 22 by the coaches, but as I said, looking for the ‘easy’ free kick or out is an aspect of his game that even the coaches would hope he works out of his game.

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Interesting call given Carlton fans didn’t seem to rate his game very highly either.


Judge him off his most recent games, not his reputation from past seasons, that’s all I’m saying.

Not judging him from his reputation, just what I’ve seen. As I said, some of his work has been great. Just don’t like the way he goes about it at times when the heat is on.

Simply cannot carry types like Hind and Weiderman in big games.

Fragile mentally and physically.

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Hind is playing fine.
There is always a trade off replacing a Hind with, say Kelly.

Hind at his best, still looks like he has no clear focus and intent.

The outcomes of his actions of late have been okay to good, but he looks more like a chook running around with its head cut off than a player who is executing with direction and focus.

He gives off an aura of “mistake waiting to happen”, and by mistake I mean gift a goal to the opposition.

I don’t see how the way he goes about it gives confidence to those around him.