1st Round draft picks to burn

Adam White on 927 reminded us this morning that 12 players against Sydney were 1st round picks. I found this hard to believe so had to check. Well I’ll be forked. He was right. Almost. I count 11.

Mc Grath.
In addition 3 did not play.
Luenberger ( I know, I know )

Plus a group of also rans.


We really do have a potentially outstanding list.


All we have to do is get them fit and firing at the same time - then watch out other sides! If we had a bit more luck with injury and a bit more effort and enthusiasm at the start of the season…Oh well, can always dream!

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What was he trying to argue/discuss regarding this point he brought up?

The figure sounds about the average to most clubs i would have thought.


Maybe , maybe not. Took me the better part of an hour just to check EFC. I leave you to prove your point.

No, im just curious what Adam White was trying to make a point about?

Was it that we have a lot of successful first round picks?

Or that we have done well, considering we don’t have many first round picks on our list?

Think he was just complimenting the list.


His point was that we had a very talented list ,far more 1st draft picks than normal. That you expected it from GCS and GWS etc but was surprised EFC had so many…

I want to know the stat for top 10 draft picks getting taken late as “academy players”.

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It’s interesting that we have traded in a few players that are first round picks. Goddard, Smith, Brown, Leuenberger, Stringer.
The interesting part is the amount of elite players we have picked up outside the first round and late in the draft.

Most clubs focus their late draft picks on ‘role players’. Ie. someone that can do a specific job.

Green, McKernan, Stewart we’re 2nd rounders brought in as well.

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You could make a very coherant argument that the Also Rans on my list are even more talented than the 1st round picks. Class is class and is only proven on the field.

How is it that high a number?
Our oldest 1st rounder was Goddard who was 2002 or 2003 - 14 or 15 drafts ago and (outside of trades and having yoir picks taken) you get one a year.

You’d expect most clubs to have 10 or so, accounting for a couple of fails & retirements…


Just on the theme of draft picks, I have recently been wondering about pre-draft combine skill testing and whether there’s been a large enough collection of data to identify any leanings as to which tests (if any) trend a positive conclusion?

eg) Player X tested elite in skill category Y, was drafted first round and became
a 200 game star?

Or, Player Z tested mediocre in skill category Y, was drafted third round and was
delisted after 3 years?

Are there any such findings? If so, are these findings made available to the public?

Brown was a first round pick? He’s also been delisted, should he count in this list?

Brown wasn’t even a first round pick in the Top-Up Draft. He’s no Grimley.


Does that he was Wells first round pick say anything?

This discussion really needs the context of how many the other teams have. Not sure where to find this without working it out manually, but at a guess I’d say we have less than gws, suns, bloos, melb, pies, tigers, lions and doggies at a minimum, so we’re mid table at my guess.

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Carlton for example have 14 - 10 of their own & 4 from GWS, Richmond have 13 (9&4), Melb surprisingly only have 7 of their own with Jones the only 1 pre 2012 plus 4 traded in. You can possibly add Bugg who was a pre-draft concession. Collingwood have 9 they have drafted & 7 poached.

In the trade thread I asked the question about trading for “fallen angels”…ie. high draft picks whose careers have gone wayward…no one was enthused.

This looks to be a clear strategy from Dodoro.

He generally goes for players with upside rather than natural footballers.

It’s starting to reap rewards with players like Zerrett, Langford, Fantasia, Walla, Redman and Ridley showing they have what it takes.